The future development trend of Alibaba Taobao natural village

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The development of

is the fastest of the electricity supplier industry, and now the trend is the outbreak of the present, in many natural factors, created out of our imagination, that is creating the Alibaba in the development of Taobao and Taobao on the small village, feeling a sentry, enterprises can bring many the rural economy, no doubt is standing on the top of the Pyramid, after all the city than the rural population, and most of the first hand resources in rural production, if you get through this sales model, is undoubtedly the best way to promote.

Research Center of Alibaba

recently released some data, showing some people gathered in rural areas engaged in Taobao sales work, of course, this line is the estimated sales industry will do, but the main sales model is still in the online sales. Recalling the previous MA led more than a dozen people in business, never thought now is known, even in this remote village is more or less some practitioners.

let’s look at this country has found the Taobao village, according to the Alibaba research center data view, mainly gathered in the developed city surrounding areas on the list, in some areas of Jiangxi, Fujian, Hebei, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc., as shown below:


now the small and medium enterprises to some of the factors in this factory building environment with raw materials and so on, more and more focused on small and medium-sized city, because of the needs of the development is also more and more investors favorite, but close to the small and medium-sized city villages can obtain first-hand sources of goods, so it makes a big difference in space. Let more people to join the Taobao sales in the industry. In the numerous resources, rural has become the main products, mainly simple furniture, handicrafts, agricultural products, wool products, commodity etc..

Eight provinces above

is a Alibaba now know, and above in Taobao village has grown to 14, the total number of shop is above ten thousand, the total annual sales of down conversion is to the amount of five billion, where digital report, xiaoshaobing very impulsive want to go back to the countryside, and then open a Taobao, then wait for the money, but this may? I believe that now the Taobao Village sales system is not fully mature, even if we intend to do, but the resources above or to spend a lot of time, but everything is hard in the beginning, not tasted bitter, what is man.


why Taobao village in rural areas now?

In fact, the

is very simple, mainly in several aspects, one is the basic communication setting now basically is in continuous improvement, and the villages around the big city party in the economy is already above phase >

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