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Yu Wen is still

double 11, Ali has begun to double 12 plus firewood.

just past 11 is the second session of the second, it is necessary to see the fourth double 12, the former to fashion Tmall to sing the lead, the latter to universal Taobao for the stage. Different platforms, different positioning, aspirations and ambitions naturally there will be differences.

57 billion 100 million yuan, if the main purpose of double 11 this year is Ali listed by wind brush online shopping new record, then Taobao double 12 demands, can be understood as the release for Taobao in the future strategic direction of a flare.

in fact, this Ali to send that message to the outside world: Taobao is not just a sales platform, is a collection of domestic booking agency documents, pet medical package life service consumer experience center, and Ali mobile terminal App used to continuously upgrade to these the transaction service provides a more efficient platform.

this year’s double 12 main "life experience", such as playing mobile phone games free to eat crab, online reservation line to see real estate, 9.9 yuan door-to-door (cleaning) jacket, through "a date with Lin Chiling, with Lin Dan playing" do charity auction. The platform will also change the original types of goods shelf type "search methods, but according to the needs of different groups of people divided into nearly 200 shopping scene, the purpose is to provide a one-stop solution in real life" scene ".

a few days ago, Taobao for 12 double preheating this year released a "12· 12" eight universal list, inside appeared such as cleansing instrument, self stick, laser projection keyboard, cotton candy machine and all kinds of strange and eccentric technological gadgets; including the reality is the morning, Lenovo separation Agency (the film "the break up master"), home appliance cleaning service. According to statistics, consumers can now enjoy more than 10 thousand kinds of life services on Taobao.

said Taobao, the so-called universal list, is the popular search results of recent consumer all sorts of strange things extraction, some interesting commodity rankings show, it is the background of big data Ali.

data lying there is dead, it is used to live. Obviously, Taobao from the user search habits in the smell of the broader business life service virtual goods. In the concept of community O2O was quickly sizzling in 2014, a group of small entrepreneurial companies are flocking to have more than one O2O said of an aged person, community service providers responsible for the "First Financial Daily reporters expressed" the industry is too bitter. ". And now consumers through a single Taobao platform, go to the line to enjoy the service, in fact, do exactly what is O2O.

in a public venture boat hard to compete for O2O site, suddenly came to an aircraft carrier.

Taobao in which one advantage is that the proportion of mobile end consumer spending continues to improve, which is the end of the Ali wireless

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