20 thousand mother open micro shop release personalized services and value-added services

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] April 10th news billion state power network, the billion state power network held today’s special salon will Ebang maternal electricity providers, mobile electricity supplier V shop CEO Wu Fanghua said, since the V store on the line for 3 months, there have been nearly 20 thousand stores in big mother V shop. Big V shop model is to control all the supply of their own, to ensure the quality of goods, the mother is only responsible for sales, to provide targeted personalized service.

big V shop is not an ordinary micro shop, micro shop on the phone Taobao, the future will face the same problem with Taobao, such as too many goods to choose from, such as the proliferation of fakes." Wu Fanghua said.

in view of consumers are more concerned about the quality, not just the price, in order to ensure the premise of commodity prices, big V shop to provide consumers with value-added services in addition to the goods themselves. For example, in the major cities set up a V friends, V friends will organize their own activities regularly. In addition, V stores will have sales of authors and publishers book reading teacher guidance, build reading group for some shoppers will book this book, let readers discuss and invite experts to guide reading etc..

Wu Fanghua also said that after the Taobao era, the Jingdong era, the era of mobile providers is coming, the mobile character, make shopping everywhere, every hour and moment, consumer demand for commodities for personalized mobile era and to further strengthen the twenty thousand big front mother V shop can provide the personalized service for the customer, the is the traditional electricity supplier can not give.

is reported that the big V shop on-line 3 months, last year was the founder of New Oriental angel investment Yu Minhong, a new round of financing after the Spring Festival has also been identified.

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