Tmall became the new starting platform in 2013 more than 750 new starting Tmall

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March 5th morning news, Alibaba, Tmall revealed that in 2013 the balance of 7 million 500 thousand new products at Tmall starting in 2014 will be on Tmall’s first new choice of more brands.

Tmall has revealed that in 2013 there are 7 million 500 thousand new models on the Tmall platform, clothing and clothing category, 3C products, fashion lifestyle new products continue to lead the industry. This year, on this basis, there will be more new products, including home textiles, beauty, jewelry, mother and baby, home department stores and other new products will usher in the explosive growth.

reported last year, HUAWEI 6.1 inch Mate mobile phone in Tmall after the first day of the order of billions of dollars. HUAWEI Mate will not only Tmall as the first sales platform, but also try to introduce the C2B model to participate in product design by consumers. And the home appliance giant Haier is Tmall exclusive debut of its haiPad tablet computer mini. In addition, many international brands Procter & Gamble, Samsung, PHILPS, Nestle and other brands have chosen Tmall as a new starting platform.

Tmall relevant responsible person said, Tmall has been branded fashion, fashion, quality, sexy brand, becoming the first choice for new brand platform. This year, Tmall will also use the advantages in large data, advance to the merchant to predict users love what kind of new businesses in areas where heavy users and so on is applied to the multi dimension data for new product development businesses.

In addition to Tmall

help businesses better start new products, the brand began to seek how to bind more closely and Tmall. A digital brands revealed that this year in addition to all of its products in the first Tmall, Tmall is also equipped with a specialized production lines, and the integration of its marketing resource synergy Tmall, together will do brand.

China e-commerce research center director Cao Lei believes that online shopping platform is no longer a simple platform for the rejection of traditional brands. With more and more consumers online shopping habits, online shopping platform has grown into a convenient and safe fashion consumption carrier service is good, but how in the carrier operation good brand will be a new topic of business.

on Friday, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma mentioned in the internal e-mail sent to employees, mobile providers will certainly be the most important areas of the mobile Internet era, cloud services and big data will be the key path to achieve mobile providers.

provides third party data show that from the B2C market as a whole, increased market concentration, the core enterprise market share have increased slightly, TOP10 business transactions accounted for 89.7% of the overall B2C market, Tmall ranked first in the industry, accounting for 51.1%.

Zhang Yong, chief operating officer of Alibaba

group has said that we want to provide consumers with more brand choices, and to help businesses and consumers interact. This year, Tmall and all of the brand’s creative activities entered a new phase for businesses and

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