Domestic pinterest mode short-lived social electricity supplier should not play so

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in the market to buy more and more deserted, the so-called social electricity supplier pinterest model has been sought after by public opinion, began to become popular in the country. Beautiful and has become a representative of the domestic pinterest model of the enterprise, but the beautiful, more than foreign pinterest electricity supplier. Browse mode Pinterest waterfalls flow is consistent with the domestic users browsing habits, and in the fast pace of life, typically find their love items is female shoppers favorite. However, the lack of core cohesion of the demand has been able to go hot? Social electricity supplier should not just play. (text / Wang Liyang), beautiful said the pinterest model can be long, beautiful, such as the domestic pinterest model site of the small fresh waterfall flow page UI effect is popular with female Internet users. However, the female netizens on the "good" goods and the love of the psychological effect of small fresh UI, sustainable development. Women tend to accept new things fresh and interesting, so attention may be the emergence of new interesting things that attract, when women are tired of this waterfall browsing, will transfer to look for alternative sites. Domestic pinterest model has just developed, a large part of the current popularity of its new interactive model, the viscosity of such sites, but also need time to test.

In addition to the beautiful

and, the domestic and a pile of sugar, petals network, knowledge network, open, many fan nets, nets, spell code love image collecting, cloth pocket, found the similar pattern of pinterest website. In addition, the "happy happy net online collection, push community electricity supplier, QQ has the world to know Taobao, wow, and shopping, where everyone Master and 360 company launched a similar website" I love ", after the network giants have entered the market, net, net, heap of sugar petals as the U.S. and other sites but also how much the rest of the

? and beauty compared to the kind of shared Taobao customer and 51 rebate network the rebate type of Taobao, which is more promising? Maybe you will say, they each have their own characteristics, but save money and interest share, which is more practical? Perhaps two will slowly melt in addition, share rebate, rebate and share, it is possible.

the current domestic social electricity supplier for women is based on the target customer base, with interest as the focal point, through the waterfall browsing formed a new "Internet shopping" user experience, become a unique large Taobao guest website. In fact, the domestic social networking mode is just a variant of the pinterest site. and beauty in the country that tasted the sweetness of doing a large shopping navigation, has been completely focused on attracting female shoppers dominated Taobao site. Such sites rely on strong dependence on the electricity supplier website, long-term grasp >

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