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look at the domain name market, there are many varieties of rice. The first pure word, second bit short and catchy, third is a beautiful face, beautiful curve and rich connotation. belongs to the first to second, third digital meters should be what?? (like digital meters is Chinese the) I think is similar to the symmetry, and beautiful face, beautiful curve and rich connotation. X< -i< -s-> i-> X. (I shallow argument)

many people collected 4 letters, Larry, digital and hybrid rice. I think this is a popular retreat down the soft violence, Larry, 4 letters, numbers and miscellaneous meters what can be about

?What is the


in accordance with the logic of existence is reasonable, popular things naturally have its rationality. However, the epidemic has become an invisible and powerful force, so that some people are difficult to choose according to their own needs, he has become a kind of gentle violence in the invisible. Nowadays, the trend of the stock market, buy funds, purchase, buy a car, yoga, in fact, is the case, the domain name market is also. A lot of people are involved, it is the result of the prevalence of this soft violence and surrender results.

The popularity of

makes it possible to divide into two categories: a person who enters the world of fashion, a person outside the world of fashion. The vast majority of people in the circle are caught in the hands of this invisible hand. Popular whether people go passive, whether willing, whether the pain. Free in the circle of people, also suffered, they must bear the epidemic in the aftermath, that is the deconstruction of the traditional even destruction caused inconvenience and embarrassment.

in the prevalence of this kind of soft violence under the bad, people assume too much embarrassment, inconvenience and economic loss.

How to see the

epidemic, not be hurt? Show! How could


besides goods, understand the "antique collection" people know that this is not the genuine product phase determines the economic value of absolute treasure.

what is the domain name market "article"

? Each one airs his own views!

gave some advice to growers: those who understand why people actually distance "entry" and "two";

self deprecating "glimpse one or two", "entry" kneeling on the door;

even Zhu Geliang was only modestly "glimpse one or two", kneeling in the "Introduction" "door.

tomorrow, the real value of the domain name 5

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