Prospects unknown Jingdong mall to enter the e-book market

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introduction: Recently, one of the giants of the business B2C in the field of domestic electronic Jingdong mall officially open ebook platform to enter the field of digital reading sounded the first sound, integrated clock! E-book market competition at home and abroad, their advantages and disadvantages, some industry point of view, the prospect of e-book mall Jingdong test and how is it?

with Jingdong mall from the beginning of the 3C home appliances, the development of daily necessities, gradually the hotel reservation. Selling cars, Jingdong mall in the continuous expansion of their product line. In 2.20, the Jingdong mall officially opened e-book online platform, and the first phase of the line of 80 thousand genuine electronic books, from 200 suppliers, is expected to end this year will be more than 300 thousand, reached a high profile digital publishing industry. As a Jingdong store head Liu Qiangdong said: " the only Jingdong launched e-book digital publishing industry began to enter the mall. Behind it is the Jingdong mall a wealth of books and broad distribution channels. Jingdong mall e-book market is facing not only more than 38 million of the quality of registered users, as well as the country’s 513 million Internet users and more and more smart phone users are Jingdong e-book target customers ". This shows that Liu Qiangdong is ready to enter the ebook market hard to start the fight.

according to the General Administration of press and publication of the early data show that: in 2010 China digital publishing industry overall revenue reached 105 billion 179 million yuan, all kinds of digital media reading rate reached 32.8%, and sustained rapid growth. Amazon e-book sales abroad. All the signs so that the Jingdong store Liu Qiangdong smell business opportunities. Although far from the e-book market is a great potential stocks, then naturally fierce competition in the market environment.

Jingdong mall banner to enter the e-book market has been set up, but not involved in the field of digital reading the first to eat crab electricity supplier. The Jingdong announced e-book mall officially launched when, as in December last year has launched also announced the expansion of nearly 100 thousand kinds of books, and the e-book business platform to upgrade the "digital magazine" platform was renamed digital museum". In fact, there is a successful login small board domestic already involved in the field of digital reading of the Hanvon technology, restart the IPO grand literature, patriot, mobile. So, Liu Qiangdong faces domestic competitors not only have died pinch Dangdang Li Guoqing.

for the early international e-book market, Amazon, SONY and other E-ink e-book is a big rival Jingdong mall. The United States by virtue of Amazon ebook platform e-book reader Kindle "killer" for digital book sales increased year by year. In May last year, Amazon announced the first e-book sales of paper books, and occupy more than 70% of the U.S. e-book market business. Today, it is said that the e-book + terminal Amazon Kindle is about to enter China, and rumors of Shanda literature is seeking cooperation with Amazon in the content, especially in the field of traditional books.


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