11 husband blood packages on-line Baidu Nuomi to merchants fun creative marketing

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double eleven day early in the morning, Beijing Wangjing Hi hot Hot pot outside the shop, the staff arranged a swearing in ceremony. Pedestrians have the crowd, if the swearing momentum let onlookers cheer it, then "double 11 husband blood meal", "husband wife online shopping blood" two banners to attract people’s curiosity.

walked into the store, be permeated with the "blood" of the atmosphere, the store "blood slot" logo is very eye-catching, the wife who double 11 husband can in the shopping, in Hot pot back to the blood side". There is blood as role in the game heroes union adorable girl, holding a "blood" (fresh Watermelon Juice) stood by, for the majority of "blood masses" — is "blood" of the husband the whole blood.

it is understood that this is the Baidu Nuomi planned "double 11 husband blood meal" special events, activities of landing Hi hot Hot pot boss said, "I think this is a" timely assistance ‘move, try to solve the double 11 male friend’s pain points, so I immediately agreed to the on-line store selection of dishes, "the blood meal."."

it is understood, hi hot Hot pot boss young, "love toss" in the capital circle, delicacy has run into something, "and this is Baidu Nuomi really hit it off, so we will cooperate with Baidu Nuomi launched a" blood meal ", not only our store features hi spicy fish, there are a lot of blood food combination. Baidu Nuomi made this activity characteristics, please actor cos two beauty hero League blood back role, for the majority of male compatriots service."

for the first time to this, Mr. Wang said, because his blood was drawn to the package, so that the couple feel based on double 11 stores launched exclusive packages of sincerity, not only the wife to buy buy buy desire, but he also felt the "service" and "to be understood". For Hi hot Hot pot impression, Mr. Wang said: "the boss entered the store to feel creative, from system to Coser to sign with special characteristics, it is no wonder that business is so good."

Hi said: "the waiter Hot pot hot day business not long, there are diners stampede in, gathered in front of the store to" men of blood ", there are a lot of people watch," the guests to eat blood packages’ even address him enjoyable, "full blood resurrection". In situ."


and other social media, also be "eleven husband blood meal" brush screen, first and boarded the Sina micro-blog social topic list list, netizens have called creative and envy set to the person at the table. While Baidu Nuomi is injured for the majority of users double eleven online shopping around also create more intimate surprise, 1.1 yuan to enjoy the delicacy of the "great eleven" activities will continue until 17.

hi is not only a hot Hot pot, many brands of "blood Hot pot packages have been gathered in Baidu Nuomi, this idea is not accidental, in fact, Baidu.

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