HUAWE MateBook+Mate8 combination of the perfect interpretation of the new fashion business

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in the fast-paced today, work, life intertwined, different scenes of frequent conversion of life, efficient, seamless integration of office, entertainment and fashion design sense of the mobile terminal needs more urgent. Comply with consumer demand, HUAWEI to enter the high-profile notebook computer industry, launched HUAWEI MateBook, a modified design monotonous traditional notebook computer, to have great originality innovation from the color, appearance, and other accessories, collocation prior to the launch of HUAWEI Mate8 attack, the perfect interpretation of what is new in this era of fashion business".


fashion new business era, what do we need?

what kind of product features to meet the needs of the new era of fashion in the whole scene of the


first, simple and stylish design, light and easy to carry. Due to the fragmentation of the time, the entertainment needs work whenever and wherever possible, so need to be thin in order to carry out the work; in addition, meet the customer, the appearance of Kung Fu is to be done, this is also related to the company and personal image.

second, strong performance, able to release strong office productivity. For mobile office, just like a mobile phone is generally a sense of design is not able to meet all the needs of the office, PC is still an indispensable part of the office productivity tools.

third, secure and stable device and data transmission between mobile terminals. For business people, information security and data transmission of mobile office are doubly important, light new business era has put forward higher requirements on the performance of related products.


with big data and cloud era, the boundaries of life and work become increasingly blurred, the consumer for the whole scene, the mobile terminal fully connected experience demands and expectations of more urgent, who can better meet the needs of the consumers, who will become the winner. In this regard, HUAWEI with their own actions and HUAWEI MateBook+Mate8 this stylish new business combination gives the answer.

HUAWEI MateBook+Mate8 combination tribute fashion new business


based on its own brand and technological advantages, accumulated over the years will mature mobile technology strength transplanted to the field of mobile office, launched a strong HUAWEI MateBook+Mate8 combination, annotate the HUAWEI fashion new business understanding.

HUAWEI released in 2015 Mate8 is the high-end flagship phone for business people. At present, the mobile phone has long been not a simple communication tool, but a mobile converged communications, work, multimedia, networking and other functions of the hybrid terminal, HUAWEI MateBook collaboration does not have to say.

PC as the end of the entire era of intelligent terminal

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