Aj settled Taobao mall you are ready to do a good job

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The rapid development of domestic e-commerce now

, online shopping market prospects are broad, should also be good! Maybe just proved that: in twenty-first Century, or electronic commerce, or no business can.

electricity supplier in the trend, Taobao mall is also planning a series of moves for a large share of the market of electronic commerce. 10 years prior to November 1st, B2C platform Taobao mall announced independent domain name tmall.com, also announced that will invest 200 million yuan in the next 3 months, Taobao mall brand promotion gift, so generous, the electricity supplier and have a few dare to contend with; and in November 11th this special day, creating a "double eleven myth".

Taobao mall not only for the bombing of advertising in tmall, while Taobao internal policies, advertising resources, search weights and so on to the mall (B) tilt, resulting in a lot of people are looking to the Taobao mall, whether it is operating in Taobao’s C store, or have the independent operation of the network the platform, or those who have been struggling to try on the electricity supplier. Taobao’s dual eleven activities and related Taobao mall advertising, greatly stimulate their nerves, then settled in Taobao mall store B into the explosive growth has continued since Taobao mall settled, is still a big trend.

followed by some B mall in the mall store settled tide, many are stopped, why does this phenomenon appear?! this is the need to think carefully about the issue, perhaps many are facing such a problem: follow the trend, everybody said the mall, in the paste coating paste also apply settled, but facing all kinds of problems in the operation, resulting in not fruition.

Taobao mall on the following to long-term development, made a few essential conditions:

1, a long term development plan: electronic commerce, after all, is a business, only passion, do not blindly follow the trend, to identify the direction, to see the market, focusing on long-term, making clear development plan.

2, adequate budget: business is the need to pay the cost, do not take it for granted that as long as the goods on the shelves, relying on the natural flow will have to make you rich business. As the saying goes: "wine is also afraid of deep alley! Mall promotion plan not less, whether large or small advertising costs, advertising costs, all the funds needed to support, this needs to be based on the development plan, make adequate budget for


, 3 quality products are: public goods more than three psychological, and hope that they can buy genuine goods at a fair price of high-quality goods, it has the advantage of stable supply is essential to winning business. Quality can be understood as: good quality, suitable price.

4, professional management ability: professional knowledge and technology is the key to the operation.

5, high quality service: good quality of service + excellent service skills. Network sales

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