The TV is not only good feelings

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to be honest, feelings is probably the most mysterious thing in all industries. In order to break out in the fierce market environment, in order to occupy more information in the minds of consumers, many enterprises had only good performance of TV brand in order to attract consumers, active or passive playing emotional card. At present, more and more TV companies will focus on marketing "feelings".

feelings boom, hold

efforts is essential!

millet under the banner of "first youth television" banner, playing a good hand feeling; Hisense was "C" mood elements, target specific consumer groups; SKYWORTH rolled out across the board on all fronts, tracking the feelings…… This trend continues, the mood has become the sole criterion for judging the product, the consequences of worrying. Niche and against the tide itself is not wrong, but the feelings as the product foundation, it have the order reversed. Imagine, an old boy who just learned to play basketball for a few days, ran to you to tell you that he felt stronger than Jordan……

is a good three TV,



as the industry famous brand gallop for hundreds of years, PHILPS has recently put forward the concept of "three TV". The content of mustering the feelings, the hardware is also full of dirt, technology and feelings complement each other, let technology highlights the feelings, feelings with science and technology. PHILPS believes that consumers really need a good TV, is a brand not only from the accumulation, there must also be a "powerful combination of hardware + software", the so-called "hardware + content + good brand" "three tv".


so-called good hardware should have a strong technological innovation advantage, but also a strong product supply chain. As a veteran TV brand, PHILPS has Ambilight, HDR, wide color gamut, and a number of ultra-thin industry-leading technology, also has OLED, quantum dots, comfortable blue, surface and complete product line, and in a strong supply chain support, always stand in front of the TV PHILPS TV industry.


so-called good content should be rich in content, but also the content of convenience. In recent years, PHILPS TV always adhere to build an open platform for cooperation, has teamed up with the Internet resources giant Ali several entertainment, Penguin TV and micro whales to create a series of smart TV, PHILPS TV to rapidly improve content play a crucial role. Today, PHILPS TV is not only rich in resources, including search, micro whale Series in the Bluetooth voice control function support, users only need to say want to see the resources can be reached in one step, the real good stuff "".


all enterprise competition, after all is the brand culture of competition, no brand culture, the development of enterprises will be a lasting life, no.

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