Buy site winter rule streamlining, and then timely expansion

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from the group of 800 and a scouring network data show that as of the end of October 2011 nearly 1500 group purchase site closed site or exit the market turnover and group purchase, October Chinese group purchase market also fell 11%, the domestic group purchase website is experiencing winter. The group purchase website originator Groupon is also listed on the website of the group purchase failed to save the market confidence, over a period of time, Groupon has experienced a continuous fall in stock prices, even below the issue price of $20. And all the company’s group purchase website glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang resorted to the day before the group purchase website "winter" rule, streamlined, and timely expansion.

streamline team

previously, a lot of buy sites have layoffs, industry analysis of the move is to buy the industry in the early expansion of the results, and streamline the team has become a buy site winter the first rule. Shen Boyang introduced, some group purchase website team at 3000 -5000, higher labor costs; and this year the total number of employees in glutinous rice nets will not exceed 1000 people, which means that the rice network not only effectively control the high proportion of labor costs in operating costs, but also the highest per capita output group purchase industry ratio, at the same time once again proved that the fight is not the number of group purchase. He admitted that many generous group purchase network began to burn in obtaining financing, and glutinous rice network in other network group purchase "great leap forward" when bear the loneliness, and not blindly follow. Strict control of personnel growth is not only considering the operation cost, more important is to maintain the reputation of glutinous rice nets. Therefore, in the current round of general buy site contraction, glutinous rice network has become the only one because there is no layoffs because of performance reasons, a large group of sites to withdraw from the site.

timely expansion of

in all remain calm in the expansion of the time, in all timely expansion in the contraction time, this is the second "winter" rule Boyang Shen pointed out. He disclosed that the glutinous rice network plans to accelerate the pace of progress in the next stage, and appropriate expansion. The choice of the expansion at this time, Shen Boyang has his own reasons: first, competitors have to tighten in order to reduce the operating funds invested, massive layoffs, but the group purchase market demand has not changed, so the rice network to accelerate the pace of market; second, the field of a large number of group purchase staff was laid, eager to find new homes, staff recruitment and easy opponent malicious poaching will decrease; third, try in several large group purchase website large-scale expansion, glutinous rice nets have been studied by the data, see what the domestic city have the potential, which city is not suitable for group purchase, you can directly take the failure of others to experience as a reference.

According to

, in order to adapt to the pace of expansion, glutinous rice network will continue to increase investment in user service sectors. Not long ago, glutinous rice nets reinvested 20 million yuan of funds to start a new customer service center in Tianjin, in improving call agents, enhance customer service callthrough under the condition of synchronization to improve the site customer service service level, enhance the consumer experience.

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