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just past 2014, for the electricity supplier industry, is an extraordinary year. This is not only because of, Jingdong, Alibaba has the United States listed on the NASDAQ and the NYSE, occupy half of the seats in 2014 Chinese Internet companies listed on the United States, but also because there are a number of beautiful, such as the bright younger generation, said pocket shopping and at the same time, by the favorable capital markets, financing billions of dollars, and in 2015 the most likely impact of listed enterprises.


recently a senior industry news, the domestic female vertical electric beauty has plans to launch this year listed in the U.S. plan. And this move, can not help but think of the 2014 double eleven period, the beauty of the low-key launch of its own clothing brand MUA and Seoul station". In other words, after the rapid growth of the past four years, after the rapid accumulation of traffic with billions of dollars of female users, now is the time to prove that its beautiful capital market supply chain control and profitability.


insiders pointed out that the strategic transformation in the market before, from the original in order to achieve high growth but low margin business platform to the supply chain control ability stronger and higher profit margins of its own brand business, in order to prove their sustainable profitability approach to the capital market, is not uncommon in the United States once the China listed commercial enterprises.

in May 2014, NASDAQ is with as an example, before the listing push to the "Hippo" (Hippo Family) as the representative of its own brand, try for a substantial profit margins, to convince capital markets that it not only at the moment can be profitable, and more important is the future still has a huge profit space and sustained profitability. You know, the same is in the cosmetics retail industry, the vertical line retail brands Sasa and Watsons’s profit margins were as high as 47% and 35%, of which a large proportion of the contribution of their own brands.

for beauty, women’s clothing industry than the cosmetics industry is facing a lot of fakes, quality and other issues to be a lot of light, while the difference in the margin is not large. Therefore, for was founded in 2009, has gone through five rounds of financing, financing a total of about $280 million beauty, next to prove their profitability and make strategic transformation to push its own clothing brand, but also the set foot on the United States listed on the road of inevitable choice.

According to the United States

the previous time rhythm, if beautiful said the pushing of the two own clothing brand "MUA" and "Seoul station" within six months of sales continued rapid rise, it is likely the United States market plan in mid 2015 officially started, and became a landing in the U.S. stock market in at the end of the year before the electricity supplier shares.

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