Tmall double 11 alleged return rate as high as 64% of the business said the calculation of the abnor

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Korean homes have been the last 30 days of clothing returns

[TechWeb] reported on December 23rd news, according to media reports Tmall "double 11" sales of the top ten businesses in the rate of return of up to 64% a return rate of 64%, the starry CEO Zhao Yingguang responded that the return rate is high because the calculation method leads to abnormal data, the actual refund rate is far from the show is so high.

it is understood that the media quoted the return rate data from Tmall’s flagship DSP score in a recent 30 day refund rate data, calculation method of the data is the number to a refund within 30 days by the number of sales results. The media quoted as of 23 0:20 data, for the number of times more than 180 thousand times the return of the number of times. According to TechWeb before the query to the data, the refund rate of 60.15%, the total number of times 170102. Among them, the quality of the refund 2453 times, did not receive a refund of goods for the 9175 time, the Buyer no reason to refund the 91731.

Zhao Yingguang pointed out that the reason for this unusual high data is very simple, the refund is based on a double eleven refund, and the number of sales has no double sales of eleven. With the return of eleven double divided by the daily shipments, this figure is certainly high.

for example, assuming a shop, daily 100 single, double the eleven sales is 50 times the daily sales (this is an industry average of Tmall), is the 5000 single, if 10% refund rate of return is 500. The day after the double pin eleven, at least half price than usual, which is the daily 50 single sales. The eleven of the logistics of the average arrival time, basically in more than 10 days, that is, double the eleven single refund, basically after November 21st.

so in November 21st to the 30 days of the refund rate, will be how much: these 30 days, the daily average of 50 single, the total is only a single, of which the refund rate is 10%, is a single of the 150 1500. The last 30 days of the refund rate = (a single note (Note: the number of returns generated in front of the double eleven +150 single) ÷ single =650 single ÷ 1500 single =43%.

Zhao Yingguang said, Korean clothing care operation is healthy, the indicators are in reasonable and controllable range, the refund rate usually at around 10% during the double eleven and big promotion, really will be higher, about 12%~15%, the normal index belongs to the garment industry. (Ming Yu)

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