.love and other words next year will become a new domain name

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news June 24th, ICANN (ICANN) said that if the largest global network reorganization this week approved, Internet users will soon be able to use the new domain name, such as.Love,.Paris or.Bank.

ICANN will hold an annual conference in Paris on Monday to vote on the new domain names. ICANN President Paul Twomey of France "echo" said, in addition to.Com,.Net or.Org domain name, 1 billion 300 million Internet users will be able to start using a common vocabulary domain from the beginning of 2009, such as.Love (love),.Hate (hate),.City (city name) or other suitable.

more than 1300 delegates from more than 130 countries attended the meeting. ICANN is a non-profit organization located in the south of California, is responsible for overseeing the distribution of domain names and help computer users to communicate with the Internet Protocol address.

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