Where is the Spring Festival without closing the suning.com emboldened

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I am here to give you an old age, I wish you a happy new year. In the new year, I hope everything goes well. But in our time to celebrate a happy new year, suning.com is not idle, after both Jingdong and arrayed in a price war, and declared that during the Spring Festival Spring Festival is not closing, logistics sent every day, the less the absolute level of confidence to subvert the entire electricity supplier customer. But now suning.com is not a rich soil in 2009 for the first time contact line, since the acquisition of red child, both WeChat and micro-blog as well as animation marketing, suning.com will apparently implant brand more user consumption values, and now the face of suning.com, I think Jingdong, Tmall even is the United States should feel pressure so, where is the suning.com Spring Festival Show emboldened


SKU was expanded to enhance brand awareness

, who said that the electricity supplier only one "war" Liu Qiangdong, I think suning.com’s marketing ability is not bad, from the beginning of war slobber and Jingdong to expand the brand, suning.com can say do not dozens of advertising and online marketing, suning.com has been getting a lot of consumer awareness, and mergers and acquisitions red children let the consumer products giant Suning line expanded, facing into an existing brand, suning.com has become more and more like a comprehensive B2C platform. With your support, there is a possible transaction, Suning will continue the business logical.

adequate funding chain, support tough

said that if the 2012 China business continued to slump, I think many of my friends are not against, although this year, Tmall, Taobao has created eleven double myth, but it is still difficult to block the group purchase industry continues to freeze, the electricity supplier companies have acquired such embarrassment, so in this kind of environment, many rely on burn marketing business enterprise because of less financial resources has become a startling step by step for suning.com, but all this is not a problem, in fact, when Suning Jingdong and the price war industry, there are rumors that the book funds Suning flow is not under 20 billion, and in 2013 after the Spring Festival, suning.com will open platform business and mining sales separation; internal organizational structure adjustment, personnel will be doubled. A great opportunity and strong support funds will let suning.com seize this counter.

vertical electricity supplier gradually favored

The development of the

Jingdong, two years can be said to be obvious to people, for two consecutive years has become B2C market sales of the first, and with the Jingdong for the electricity supplier market space constantly compressed, many vertical electric providers have not fared well. In such an environment, some focus on the vertical field of business enterprise must put more attention on "near the thigh", as our free telephone network in this industry, private and Jingdong will also have cooperation, and grow and have more long-term potential for suning.com to become the eyes of all the rich handsome cooperate with, and stay the platform is not possible, and many other types of business.

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