Beware trap network to make money common mistakes

by admin

1, registered as a developed country. Posing as a member of the developed countries can really get more and more opportunities to make money, but we think the foreigners too simple. Even the webmaster I will be based on your IP address of the Internet where you come from (including the country, provinces and cities), foreigners can not do? This is a typical kind of cheating, when you receive the company will handle your click Wangzhuan, and ultimately a sieve. By the way, there are some of us who earn money to study abroad, and these friends can be registered as citizens of their place without any trouble

      2, the registration form is filled. The original registration form can be filled, the registration of multiple account cheating friends in particular must be. But also fill in certain rules, some make friends think it is just fill in fill in chant, address: gbsthj; s’hjy: sddtjdh, city, postal encoding written 4523252, this place? Do you have this address? I think that is, although you can fill in an address, but like a name address, like a name, don’t let others think that simply can not have this kind of address exists!

      3, registered a large number of accounts. I met a friend of a person in the same company registered more than 30 duplicate accounts, so black! No wonder people don’t think highly of our chinese. Do not do so, the appropriate number of registered accounts are understandable, too many easy to expose. Indeed, the boss of the company to be aware of this situation, is very angry, flay could put all Chinese away, this situation occurred, but there have been many. We should jointly support this beautiful harsh Wangzhuan industry, don’t ruin the bright future.

      4, take the money heart cut. More than half of the company’s payment is not so timely, generally takes about a month to perform the payment. The reason is very simple, the need for capital turnover. Some of my friends every day to pay after the payment, it is enough to make the boss angry, delete your account. Imagine, you work in a company, every day to find the manager for money, you can not blame it? In principle, each to pay, please only once, as long as there is no case of a Swindlers Company, you will be able to get the money. If you meet the Swindlers Company, even if you ask for the ten thousand paragraph, do not pay or not pay. Everybody’s mind should be as wide as the sea.

      5, inferior structure. When a lot of people in the development of offline, like the assembly line structure into 1-1-… -1-n "in the form of maximum profit. In fact, it is easy to cause the company’s doubts, it is best to engage in "1-n-… "-n" in the form, so close to the actual.

      6, all support E-GOLD companies are using E-GOLD receivables. Cheng.

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