Looking at the development of e-commerce in China from the six anniversary of Taobao

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this month, Taobao launched the six anniversary of the Taobao, recalling the history of the development of the past 6 years. The so-called peep know the whole picture, at Taobao, we can see a microcosm of the development of electronic commerce China.

8848.com where are you now?

1999, China’s first e-commerce site 8848.com set up. So far, China’s e-commerce has gone through ten years, that is, an era. In the past ten years, there are too many things that I can’t imagine.

8848.com was founded that year, constantly refresh the miracle, trading volume soared. Very influential 8848.com attracted a large number of followers, a variety of B2C e-commerce sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general. However, once you want to borrow 8848.com to reach the height of Mount Everest Wang Juntao, but ultimately failed to do so. Chinese e-commerce leader 8848.com, ultimately did not survive the winter, see the spring.

and 8848.com, then the eye-catching electronic commerce website, we have been hard to find. Now we can also know, I’m afraid only Dangdang, excellence (Amazon).

big and full B2C in China difficult


and B2C sites still blossom everywhere, but can be done fast and almost No. We are familiar with Dangdang, Amazon, are not difficult to survive the fire.

how, why and B2C so hard in China? Because of lack of funds. For many large B2C site, if you want to become bigger and stronger, it must have a strong capital. If there is no strong financial backing, the expected sales are not completed dream. How much money do you need to have to support your sales?.

products are equivalent exchange, e-commerce sites to have sales, you must provide goods to the user. And these commodities, but also from the manufacturers procurement. Although the site is an intermediate platform, but the platform is a capital transfer. From the consumer to the platform, from the platform to the vendor. In this process, there is no strong capital, absolutely not.

so, in China, the development of large and full B2C e-commerce, very difficult, the biggest obstacle to capital.

C2C service e-commerce

look at today’s taobao.com, trading volume on WAL-MART, has become a service-oriented e-commerce website Chinese e-commerce occupies half of the country, even form a strong impact on the traditional retail shopping district.

or we should accurately call Taobao as a service-oriented e-commerce platform, because Taobao itself does not sell any real goods, but also a company itself. Therefore, Taobao is just a service platform to assume a market function, is a service-oriented e-commerce site. Taobao’s biggest function is to allow individual buyers and sellers to enter free

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