Jingdong took a Procter & Gamble male, came to a P & G female, Liu Qiangdong why love Procter & Gamb

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iron barracks, soldiers running water.

yesterday, tiger sniffing reported Jingdong in a month, after the resignation of two former executives have joined the start-up company and served as CEO. Jingdong to become a professional manager of venture capital companies in the same time, but also eyeing the Procter & Gamble (P& G) Chinese companies.

today (July 1st), the Jingdong announced a new executive appointments before the news, Procter & Gamble Chinese District Misho career officially joined the Jingdong president bear Qingyun, responsible for the work of Jingdong marketing department store. The former head of the Department of Jingdong mall market, Xu Lei, vice president of Jingdong group will be fully responsible for Jingdong mall wireless business. If retroactive Jingdong personnel changes, we can find that, in fact, this is not the first appointment of Jingdong Procter & Gamble executives responsible for the work of the Jingdong market. Of course, this does not include Jingdong from Procter & Gamble to dig other mid-level staff.

Jingdong Procter & Gamble male 1 – Cheng Junyi

July 2011, Cheng Junyi officially joined Jingdong mall, is responsible for the management of Jingdong mall marketing department. At the beginning of January 2013, executives rotation training of the starting system of Jingdong mall, Cheng Junyi was transferred to the POP open platform department, but in the post only for half a year, in mid June 2013, Cheng Junyi from the Jingdong turnover. And in July 2013 joined the 1st shop as vice president of marketing.

public information, Cheng Junyi joined Procter & Gamble China in 1995, served as the Tide Brand Manager Brand Manager, rejoice. 2003 was promoted to Procter & Gamble personal cleaning supplies division director and head of china. In charge of safeguard, OLAY and other brands of bath products, zest. Office to safeguard market share increased from 35% to 55%, and has become one of the most profitable brands of Procter & Gamble China.

2006, Cheng Junyi joined Nippon Chinese as vice president of marketing. In 2007, he joined the Yili Group, as general manager of marketing group. In 2011 joined the Jingdong, launched the "Desert Storm", "man", "the 618 anniversary of the Normandy offensive" and the "Olympic marketing" and other series of marketing campaign. In November 2011, Cheng Junyi led the Jingdong advertising staff, lavish gold resources in the CCTV advertising tender bid for Congress, spend nearly 231 million consecutive win in Olympic Games "London" and "navigation" events like exclusive naming rights.

but Cheng Junyi continued their work style in Procter & Gamble, Nippon Paint and Yili marketing style, generous idea put this way with Liu Qiangdong. Liu Qiangdong said that "the Jingdong had no advertising plan, practice is the strength of the Jingdong". The first half of 2011 Liu Qiangdong and search engines, navigation website fell out, called "the 2011 annual advertising costs cut 50%".

2012, Jingdong invested in Focus Media doubled, but Cheng Junyi’s marketing strategy has not brought new ROI growth points for the face of pressure on the profitability of Jingdong. Only then, by the end of 2012, Jingdong broke internal corruption, >

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