Jingdong kidnapped Ali PO friends win

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if the Jingdong and Ali is a friend, then the Alibaba is certainly disdain, because Ali by virtue of its own strength has to get rid of Jingdong a few blocks, and especially the financial integration, the achievements of Ali continue to grow, if Ali IPO floodgates, so it will increase the likelihood of success, only to Ali hesitate to issue is the price can not be able to get the satisfaction of senior ali.

but with tight percussion when Ali opened IPO, starting from the Jingdong, a direct rival of the electricity supplier industry also started IPO, which will undoubtedly bring certain impact to plan IPO Ali, according to the latest news, Jingdong seems to have him into the capital market in front of this is Ali. Not a small challenge for Ali, especially in the issue price.

difficult mountain god

as the capital market, if a two similar company IPO, the brokerage sector investment or securities, apparently not willing to such a situation, this will allow the two companies compete with each other, is unfavorable for the issue price, can not get more benefits. At the same time for the whole market, is not conducive to the selection of investors, after all, as similar business types, the profit margin of roughly the same, but if the price of Ali and Jingdong to keep prices in line or a very small difference between the words, it is not good for ali.

but the Jingdong is to see Ali such hesitation, even after repeated failure of IPO’s case is still poured into the IPO, the Jingdong, will obviously have a confidence, but both Jingdong dare to play, seems to have become a little rascal, is the so-called barefoot shoes would be afraid of it, if Ali to electricity providers on behalf of the success of IPO, then the Jingdong naturally, but Jingdong are not afraid of playing both sides, because of their own, as long as can enter the capital market

is victory!

both win is also possible

but whether the Jingdong or Ali, the ultimate aim is to log on to the U.S. capital market, in order to earn American money, or by the Americans to make money, then you have to come up with their own special skills, although the two have said that IPO plans to open in the past few years, this is rare, this fully illustrated the two companies in the strength of their own good, and the future prospects. Of course, the mutual infighting between the two companies, is not necessarily a bad thing, at least to a solid foundation for the future supply of lay.

Jingdong kidnapped Ali, can make the issue price becomes a little higher, even Ali is behind the Jingdong into the capital market, so before the success of the Jingdong, also can improve their issue price, which will solve their worries and Jingdong Ali issue price agreement or against each other problems.

there may be a tacit agreement between the last two

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