How to do the bidding online booking

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a, get cheap rooms and air tickets Tips

a city can get cheap tickets and rooms only travel agency. Travel, travel through travel agents booking, lower than the lowest discount online can be a discount of about. Because travel agencies and airlines and hotels have signed a long-term agreement.

travel to a city (usually in large and medium-sized city), if you say to the driver to the hotel for 7 days, the driver will know, many drivers would wonder, this hotel decoration is very bad, why are so many people go to. 7 Days Inn invested 100 million yuan, has made a brand, we can not copy the mode of others, but you can find another way. To view the bidding on online booking. For example, see Xiamen hotel to advertise on the Internet, the new five-star hotel decoration, check the price as long as 100 yuan. "Given the room real photographs, very beautiful and powerful. However, Xiamen hotel is to rely on the promotion of internal staff, must direct online booking. How do we do this using business.

1, an agent did not participate in the Ctrip online online booking service Traders Hotel chain, such as Maple Road Traders Hotel, Select Hotel, try to choose the address of the remote, less tourist hotel. Signed an agreement with them, each agent price of around 50 yuan.

2, through the website for online promotion, imitate Xiamen hotel online promotion mode.

3, Google Advertising, hotel and launch * * * * * * * hotel (city name) and other words.

4, set up a promotional price of 100 yuan a, do not discount discount. Ordinary people will stay more than two days, so you can extract the difference between the price of $100 per guest.

bid the most hassle free way to make money, because the auction can provide directional flow, we can only find in the online promotion of profitable products and services, once found, you can easily make money.

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