Enjoy the convenience of online shopping is also anti flicker net Wangzhuan six suggestions

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in the rapid development of social information today, online shopping has become a fashion, convenient and efficient way of consumption, gradually accepted by more people. But also because it is unable to see the characteristic of the real transaction is performed, often produce a variety of problems, a lot of people also love online shopping. Therefore, put forward suggestions to the online shopping net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan netizens, network that, as long as the accumulation of many online shopping online shopping is safe, common sense, to give our lives more fun.

, have a good attitude, know what you want to buy what is targeted, in order not to waste money. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.


two, the choice of goods, if some local brands, the best to go to the store to see if it is real; the clothing and shoes, best to try it on, the size of the code is accurate, avoid buying out no type and size of the.


three, the best choice for businesses, choose a high degree of credibility, store, consumer protection or 7 free return businesses. Some online black businesses, deliberately mark the price is low, product pictures also theft of other formal business picture, as ordinary consumers simply do not identify true and false. Therefore, pay attention to the evaluation and credibility of the business is a very important part.

four, in the selection of good goods, it is best to talk to the merchant and the process, the goods related to the situation clearly. The goods such as color, size, size, origin, is genuine, distribution mode, arrive a few days, whether the postage is a discount, etc.. If the future problems need to return, chats can be used as evidence, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.


five, the goods are all correct, need to pay, the best choice of certified third party payment platform to pay the purchase price, such as alipay. Pay attention to check the contents relating to product quality, delivery, cost burden, return procedures, exemption clause, dispute resolution etc.. If you send a confirmation letter by email, pay attention to the preservation of "electronic transaction documents", in the event of disputes can be used as evidence and businesses to find a solution.

six, after receiving the goods, it is best to open the goods on the spot inspection of the packaging. Such as the occurrence of any change in the nature of the goods or with the description of the business does not match, you can refuse to accept the goods, and may require the seller unconditionally refund. Did not receive the goods, or before the goods have not been confirmed, don’t click on the online shopping page "button, confirm receipt and acceptance before clicking" confirm receipt ", and through the third party payment platform to pay money to the seller.


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