Only 1% of the station with the spring to buy a promise

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recently, netizens have said, look at the electricity supplier industry, especially the group purchase market, should be open and optimistic attitude, the current trend of the "group purchase winter" exaggerated. Even the netizen thinks, group purchase into China’s electricity supplier in the field of just two years, will cause a rise in the climbing stage, will not place, how will the industry reshuffle, said the cold spell those words to

not to the point?

optimist, see the trees can not see the forest

optimists think generally, the wheel of history is always moving forward, and there should be something as if has the need, rationality and social significance of its own on the industry group purchase in China’s economic development and market. The lack of short-term capital operation is not defined by the decision on not to mention the group purchase group purchase industry, such as a general winter raging. 2012 to, but the group will go on.

shopping search engine Amoy network recently released the relevant data to buy the industry, to a certain extent, to buy the argument to be optimistic. According to statistics, in November China’s total market transactions to buy nearly 2 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 39%, the highest point this year. This simple data, to group purchase market trading strong, a booming gratifying scene. In fact, otherwise, this is the "see the forest trees" appearance.

11, December for China traditional online shopping consumption season, in order to Taobao led B2C using "double eleven, twelve and other large-scale promotional activities, to a considerable extent on the activation of the online shopping consumer enthusiasm, stimulating the economy, the electricity supplier industry including group purchase., a well-known e-commerce expert in China, said in an analysis of the online shopping market, the overall rise in consumer index, the transaction volume is also benefiting from the group buying site.

According to the monitoring of

Amoy network, November turnover of more than ten million websites only 22 companies, but they have occupied 96% market share, the turnover of Taobao Juhuasuan to more than 500 million accounted for more than 1/5 of the country. Less than 4% of the market share, will be more than 3800 group purchase website looting.

buy has become synonymous with cheap

as the new industry’s common hype, overpriced mingguoqishi, has become a side portrayal of group purchase, always with the shadow with the industry, the road bumps ahead. Judging from the results of the relevant market research, the overall evaluation of the goods or services to buy expressed satisfaction of only 16.16%, while the general or dissatisfied with the proportion of more than 80%. Exaggerated propaganda and low levels of consumption experience gap in the business, group purchase industry everywhere chaos.

from the current nearly 4000 practitioners in the ranks of the site stand out, is not easy. Buy site itself, in addition to the high operating costs, the need to bear the normal development and continued operation of the dual pressure >

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