Alipay wallet will push fingerprint payment function with the bank for the development of mobile pho

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Alipay wallet heavy lines to replace the physical wallet

trainee reporter Zhang Yueguang Beijing reported

revolution payment system

August 27th, Alipay had announced through the official micro-blog: "for some reason as everyone knows, Alipay stopped all the line POS business." This time caused a great disturbance, the market believes that the monopoly behavior directed at the union. However, a few months after Alipay’s real intention only gradually: Alipay is actually no POS machine credit card for UnionPay payment market, but to the existing payment system revolution.

Ali small and micro financial services of domestic business group president Fan Zhiming believes that the POS machine credit card business is the traditional business, Alipay will use new technology to make industrial upgrading. In November 16th, Alipay launched a joint intime department store experience, reporters use acoustic payment to purchase goods, less than a second to complete the payment process, and does not require a single signature in the transaction, the user experience is card POS machines have obvious advantages.

Fan Zhiming said, Alipay wallet will continue to expand the number of business cooperation, mainly catering, retail industry, with a massive push team, combined with the Alibaba original business resources. At present, in the promotion period, Alipay wallet does not charge the third party payment costs at the same intime cooperation, businesses only need to assume the liquidation expenses charged by the cooperative bank.

in fact, Alipay wallet "to pay" not only allows users to use offline payment scenarios, and the individual and between individuals can also pay by "pay" and "face to face" with complete. Users select the receipt of payment, Alipay wallet will show an induction zone, if there is another choice of Alipay wallet payment and close to the sensing zone, the wallet into the payment page, the user can fill in the payment amount and click finish.

Fan Zhiming, Alipay wallet will launch the camera scan code before the end of the year, is not required by mobile phone applications, cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers, use the built-in camera directly to complete the scan code function.

it is worth noting that the current Alipay wallet and add public account and add mobile phone applications, users from Alipay wallet into the two once payment needs, no need to enter the account, complete the payment directly in Alipay wallet. Especially in the electricity supplier O2O (Online to Offline) under the premise of the trend, the user online travel, catering, entertainment and other online payment scenarios can be easily completed.

after Alipay CEO Peng Lei said that Alipay mobile payment has reached 12 million pen daily, the data for the last year of all mobile payment channels daily payment number more than 2 times. During the double eleven, wireless payment number accounted for 24%, number 5 times last year, the amount is 10 times. Fan Zhiming said, now the Alipay wireless access merchants pay more than 20 thousand, of which 60% businesses use only Alipay.

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