Fresh under the tide of death but the next day to do the next Jingdong

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electricity supplier fresh this line is standing on the tip.

, we would like to brush a line of words on the wall: Daily excellent fresh from the collapse of only 100 days." Ceng Bin, co-founder of daily good and fresh, told entrepreneurs & I dark horse. But in the end because of fear that suppliers can not see the supply, failed to take place.


in fresh business platform, is an excellent fresh daily is a green hand fast company. Up to now, 16 months time, it has come to the B+ round, and declared monthly sales exceeded 100 million, the platform re purchase rate of up to 80%. Even more surprising is that in July of this year, the daily excellent announced in the Beijing market has been a single city profit. You know, this is a fresh electricity supplier industry, but a rare goal can be achieved.

is not profitable business is unreasonable, who can see the Jingdong is still losing money today, but you have to know what the loss is acceptable." According to Ceng Bin’s argument, every day in the past few years to do a good job of all things, are going to profit. For example, only to have the multi category customer price is high enough, and a reasonable profit, so the daily optimal selection logic is "fresh whole category + selection"; for example, through the "sorting center + community micro warehouse" mode to pull high fixed costs in the proportion of total costs, scale effect delivery cost allocation.

daily and fresh B+ round of investment and capital investment in China, Chinese fresh market is a trillion level market, supply chain and delivery bottlenecks of traditional electricity supplier, but also to the fresh electricity left a lot of opportunities, the future of this area will be ten billion company.

there is no doubt that he believes that every day will be such a good company. But whether you can do it, the key lies in the excellent fresh daily in the upstream supply chain and downstream delivery link established has many deep moat. "We are now just a team qualifying has just broken through, has not yet reached the Asian Cup, will soon face greater competition, and even giant competition. We have a lot of places that need to be improved at every step, on both sides of the abyss." Ceng Bin said.

from IT to "sell fruit"

2003, Ceng Bin and the daily life of the founder of the daily life of the founder, from the present day is still far away from the best fresh (). Ceng Bin wore the Lenovo Southern China area Retail Director, doing well in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places, Xu Zheng is responsible for Lenovo retail business, often ran to Southern China. The second to two like-minded young people soon conversational.


* Daily excellent founder Xu Zheng, co-founder of the right (left to right)


Xu is considered to be a juvenile genius. If you search on the Internet, the daily excellent fresh CEO Xu Zheng, will get this message: Xu Zheng, 15 years old was admitted to HKUST, double degree, the age of 28 to become Lenovo >

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