Distribution car + UAV is expected to become a new model of Amazon distribution

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at the end of last year, Amazon announced a package airdrop UAV program, and that is testing the use of drones to transport small quantities. It is understood that the UAV called Prime Air, the maximum withstand parcels weighing 5 pounds, 10 km flight distance, while Amazon plans to use 4 to 5 years to be integrated into the existing logistics system, then there may be to the global logistics industry to bring about change.

science and technology media "connection" magazine online edition, written on the latest progress of UAV delivery technology were reported and analyzed, the delivery vehicles + drones model will be able to maximize the use and distribution of resources, there may be a new delivery model of Amazon’s future. The following is the main content of the article.

Amazon parcel delivery UAV program looks quite tall, but had to face a problem: the use of a large number of UAVs will parcel delivery from Amazon’s warehouse to the customer’s efficiency may be higher than courier. But recently a company called AMP Electric Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as AMP) proposed new companies will approach eight delivery trucks and heavy helicopter combination is expected to tap the potential of UAVs distribution, to further enhance the efficiency of delivery.

on the current logistics system, the package is full of distribution vehicles shuttle in the streets of large and small is a normal, in fact, this is a waste of resources. The AMP and researchers at the University of Cincinnati jointly developed a UAV system can act as a distribution vehicle assistant, responsible for logistics and distribution of the last mile". For example, the delivery vehicle after leaving the warehouse, you can just walk on the main road, then stop at the intersection of each small, unmanned aerial vehicles and sent for distribution, after the completion of the distribution of unmanned delivery vehicles and then automatically return to the next task.

"UAV began to let more people pay attention to this market Amazon, AMP co-founder and CEO Steve · Burns (Steve Burns) said that the current distribution system they developed include a car called the Workhorse electronic delivery vehicles and a named HorseFly delivery UAV, the UAV the most prominent feature is to support wireless charging technology, can automatically complete the wireless charging in the vicinity of Workhorse, it also ensures that the HorseFly can have enough power to cooperate with Workhorse to complete the delivery mission," I think the car is not necessary to participate in the distribution of the last mile distribution, "said Burns.

to UPS common delivery vehicle as an example, a day along route 120 to the distribution of the 150 packages, in the distribution process, relate to the cost of manpower, fuel costs and vehicle depreciation charges, so UPS if you want to profit, in addition to each car vehicle distribution enough package also, the need for planning of distribution line. "

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