Online shopping a monthly income of one hundred thousand wool party behind distance fraud is just a

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recently, Guangdong P2P platform is determined to thoroughly investigate the wool party, so called external monitoring technology company. In a promotional event, the data provided by the external technology cooperation company: the customer involved in promotional activities, nearly 70% of the wool party.


fact, wool party is not only a phenomenon, but has become an occupation, with the Internet burn behavior was born, where they burn money, go. 2013 "Internet plus financial" began to rise, high returns attract wool party from various industries in order to be able to come in a throng, through Internet banking, are willing to purchase wool party more professional equipment, the brain more professional financial knowledge.

wool party every month to earn tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands are very normal." Expert horse driver told reporters, and now, more and more wool party presents three major trends: the gang, regionalization, specialization.

wool party three trends

earlier, wool party are mainly active in the O2O platform and business platform, for example, a group purchase website launched the first single free, then, they will put a lot of wool mobile phone number registered in the platform, and then get free opportunity, many then again with the price lower than the market price to sell to people in need, from profit.

you can see that in recent years O2O has gradually penetrated into the restaurant, laundry, beauty, automotive, movie tickets and other kinds of life, consumption, and various platforms to increase traffic, grab new users, retain old customers, O2O round after round of subsidies.

taxi software release, the party who has moved to wool taxi areas, to help the driver crazy brush single, it is understood that the wool party first need to fake the LBS (location) location called the car, to be single brush after the driver orders, close positioning and complete the trip, then pay the fare. After completion, the driver will return the actual payment of the money and divide the discount part.

of course, these are for the wool party, are small income, a pen will earn one or two yuan, in 2013, the Internet Financial wind, and which areas can be more lucrative than the financial sector profits?

in fact, over the past year, we in the fight against fraudsters’ struggle ‘in a lot of harvest, because rare wool party on this scale from various industries to migrate to the Internet in the financial sector, but because in the Internet Financial wool party to earn profit more lucrative, so also accelerated the change of wool party the." Ma Chun said.

so, what are the changes in the wool party?

First of all,

is more and more professional.

on the P2P platform, a promotion from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, wool party can earn profits doubled, so are more willing to invest more professional equipment, such as wool, party are willing to buy cheap smart mobile phone used note >

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