The blue Ringed Octopus online when toxic pet sell minute kill currently no solution

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recently, netizens have said, can buy a "living the blue Ringed Octopus is one of the world’s most toxic marine organisms" in the online shopping mall, according to the store said that people buy the octopus is mainly used as a pet. The expert reminds, the blue Ringed Octopus belongs to the poisonous creatures, once stung, no antivenom treatment, not as pets.


blue Ringed Octopus online price from 180 yuan to 1999 yuan

blue ring octopus when the pet sells

released in 1983 "007" movie series "007:" Octopussy, mark the heroine "Octopussy" is a real marine life – the blue ringed octopus. In many articles, the animal will be included in one of the world’s most poisonous creatures, and some even called it "the world’s most poisonous sea creatures."". Is such a terrible blue ring octopus, there are friends that can be easily purchased in the domestic online shopping mall.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter according to the users in the online shopping mall to find several selling blue Ringed Octopus stores, these stores are in the description of goods made it clear that he sold a blue ring octopus in vivo, the price of more than 180 yuan, the most expensive is sold for 1999 yuan. Businesses also promised delivery package live, some stores even in the description of the goods in the clear, blue Ringed Octopus "and the box jellyfish and known as the two most venomous marine organisms, its venom can be lethal in a few minutes, there is no antidote for medicine."

BYD reporters in the name of an aquarium in Guangzhou, claiming to be the sale of consulting the blue Ringed Octopus shop, the store said the blue Ringed Octopus own by air to Beijing airport, and then by the buyer to the airport to pick up.

he said, "in order to guarantee the packet arrival, he will live" the blue Ringed Octopus filled with seawater into plastic bag, and then put into foam box, he said "Guangdong Province, air express is not a problem, I just recently to a friend in Kunming sent a."

, he said, is willing to buy blue Ringed Octopus are generally like to put some strange creatures as pet buyers.

breeder: beautiful poison creature

had raised a blue Ringed Octopus aquarium enthusiasts BYD told reporters: "like mushrooms are generally very bright, blue Ringed Octopus in the octopus is the most bright surface, it mainly to golden yellow, a sapphire blue circular texture, the blue Ringed Octopus resulting name."

he said aquarium enthusiasts first concern is the beautiful fish, blue Ringed Octopus although only the size of table tennis, but with eight tentacles can reach 15 centimeters, above the blue ring huminghuan, this gorgeous feeling makes some sea aquarium enthusiasts of the blue Ringed Octopus.

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