Several basic problems of e-commerce website

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e-commerce website is the innovation in the traditional business model, e-commerce has its unique advantages, such as convenience, universality, price, etc.. Twenty-first Century is the period of rapid development of e-commerce website. Many traditional sales companies began to layout on the Internet, this is a trend, online shopping has been more and more recognized by people, especially for young buyers, this seems to have become a kind of habit and fashion. Whether our e-commerce is a comprehensive B2C or vertical subdivision of the professional field, should solve some basic problems.

first, to meet the needs of consumers demand

comprehensive properties of B2C website charm is that it can provide rich selection of products, consumers can buy almost most of he wants to buy something on the site, it can almost be one-stop service to meet the consumer purchasing behavior. While the professional nature of the B2C site may choose only one sub field to develop, but this does not mean that he can not provide rich products, the reason is very simple, the website selling laptop often provide different brands of notebook, notebook brand stores will not only sell a model. The so-called subdivision, but in this field do fine, because our range of choices than comprehensive B2C widely, so that we can provide competitive and large B2C website the same product, but that we can provide one’s own characteristics, a more precise selection, have their own advantages in service. Our company (Sheng Zhuojia clothing) is doing clothing stores, usually will sell some dress, blouse a niche product, it can be said that the positioning of the product is not uncommon in the comprehensive B2C website, and even can be said to be a mainstream, so we rely on what competition? Our competitiveness is introduced the products in other sites is difficult to buy, in the field of dress and dress, we can provide more choice for consumers, a variety of colors, a variety of styles, fabrics, different designers and so on, as long as consumers want to buy a dress, you can find a satisfying style on this platform. Compared with the large B2C, although you can buy different styles of dress, but we give consumers more choice, which is the competitiveness. Is also the most professional B2C website should be competitive.

second, stand in the consumer’s point of view to consider the issue of

we want to provide consumers with more and better services, then it must be considered the issue of consumers have to consider the angle. Understand the consumer, understand the consumer. This is the basic skills of each sales staff, but also the necessary quality of the electricity supplier website managers. We should be able to provide consumers with quality logistics and distribution, convenient and safe payment, product after-sales service, etc.. Our electricity supplier website can be done on a large scale, but must be conducive to the user experience. Most of the buyers are not Internet practitioners on the Internet, they are not very understanding, for the website, if operators do not go to guide the consumer, then the consumer.

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