Fresh double eleven face exams cold chain distribution bottleneck problem

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once a year the double eleven also came, in addition to Ali and Jingdong "cats and dogs", this year, fresh electricity become a concern to the industry highlights.

Tmall mall launched at the fresh independent category, and in the home front entrance to give support. In addition, in addition to Ali in order to move up the performance and focus on the development of fresh fields, SF preferred, originally living vertical business have also eager for a fight.

eleven is the annual double grad, behind the order double joy was accompanied by a courier warehouse explosion of sadness. The logistics and distribution requirements of fresh electricity providers, their products cold chain distribution will face exams.

fresh electricity supplier big business

fresh electricity supplier has been regarded as the last piece of blue ocean area, the major electricity supplier platform and entrepreneurs are trying to find a breakthrough in the fresh electricity supplier. In addition, the Jingdong and other giants Ali to actively participate in the search for the layout, and hatching from traditional industries such as I bought the food network, SF preferred are involved in the field of competition.

in August this year, COFCO electronic business platform I bought network announced the completion of the B round of financing, access to IDG and Saif $100 million capital injection. At the same time, the Alibaba 10 billion yuan into the rural market, after the listing of the Jingdong and also began to have China largest marine ranching Zhangzidao cooperation to create a fresh O2O platform.

venture capital, business platform and vertical business ready to, fresh electricity after several years of market cultivation, the dispute has become a "big business".

fresh electricity supplier rapid development, the larger the size of the market led to electricity supplier giants optimistic. It is understood that in 2013 the scale of China’s fresh electricity supplier transactions reached 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%, is expected in the next 3 years, the volume of fresh electricity supplier transactions have a space of up to 7 times.

addition, fresh products with high user stickiness, high repeat purchase rate and high margin. According to industry sources of fresh, fresh electricity supplier average gross margin level of about 40%, of which more than 50% seafood gross profit of about 20%, the common fruit, meat 20%-30%.

cold chain delivery costs are too high into a problem

fresh electricity supplier after several years of development, has become a big business, but behind this big business there are many bottlenecks and problems to be solved. Fresh industry and the rapid development of the focus of attention, but also will face difficulties such as logistics and distribution, the cost is too high and the scale is difficult to do big trouble.

SF preferred vice president Chen Xu in an interview with Phoenix Technologies said, fresh electricity industry has a high rate of product damage during transportation and preservation to the two big problem. In the Chinese market, if there is no self built cold chain distribution system is simply not playing, and can not achieve the scale effect. There is no self logistics, the higher the rate of damage distribution." The preferred SF SF’s self built cold chain with brand "cold" throughout the cold chain distribution, so as to ensure the smooth fresh goods.

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