Demon shares shares fell below $200 will be affected by Ali PO

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[Abstract] shares recently fell again and again, from $229 to $196.63 today.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 30th

was the way the stock price soaring electricity supplier website recently frequently encountered the decline, the stock price way down, since released second quarter earnings, $229 from the highest price fell to $196.63 today.

yesterday’s opening price of $210.55, $211.60, $193.68, eventually shares fell $12.33, down to 5.9%, which is’s stock price rose to $200 for the first time since below this price.

in August 14th this year, released the second quarter of 2014 earnings. Reported that’s second quarter net revenues of $829 million 400 thousand, representing an increase of 136.1% over the same period last year, attributable to net profit of $26 million 400 thousand, an increase of 192.1% over the same period last year.

earnings report also hide some problems, such as the second quarter operating profit of $23 million 700 thousand, down 21.5% compared with the previous quarter, its net profit also decreased 1% from last quarter, shares fell on the same day led directly.

Since then,’s stock price volatility, continued to decline

. The 2012 listing in early, had fallen below the issue price of $6.5. Since then, shares rose all the way, in one fell swoop became the first high priced stocks listed in the u.s..

while shares rose sharply, banks still have good, which, given Citi’s target price of $248.9, the bank gives the target price is $243, Paget is the price target raised from $224 to $260.

earlier, CFO Yang Donghao also to the media to clarify the monster said that many people have been on, just listed is listed bloodshed, half a year after shares rose many times, said is a monster.

Yang Donghao pointed out that’s share price has gone up so much, the advantages and core competitiveness is the first selection of the brand, followed by to solve the user pain points. It’s easier for to find what they like and want than any other site.

is now expected to change’s share price, the stock market fell 5.9% yesterday, another recent plunge. Not only is, the recent 360, Le funny, poly America, the car’s home, the city’s original stock, such as the pursuit of the recent 58 in a sharp pullback.

this is due to the Fed rate hike rumors is approaching, on the other hand is a Alibaba listed date is approaching, the recent news that the Alibaba will be listed in September 8th, the highest possible financing of $20 billion, a record this year, the financing.

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