Balance treasure questioned whether to stay or leave the confusion

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balance treasure from the time when it was destined to become the focus of the current financial industry events, but from the beginning of the industry has not been seen in the beginning of how much change. Because of the financial circles, the balance of treasure there is only to realize the grass root style value-added plans to use the payment system on the Internet, reducing the financial threshold, simplify the procedures, but not to less than a year, has been suction gold 400 billion, if no restrictions the size of the balance of treasure, even trillions of standards, which is obviously not predictable for the impact of the financial system.

is such a concern, CCTV commentator was put forward, the balance of treasure has become the financial industry’s great scourges must cut the Gordian knot, shut down the balance of treasure operating mode, so that the return to the comfortable day traditional banking and traditional banking at least comfortable, the possibility of the occurrence of financial crisis will be smaller. But this view has been a lot of circles proved not to be reliable, here do not need to repeat.

balance treasure payment Empire

financial balance treasure from the outset positioning in the grass root group, of course, did not expect to have such a huge attraction, to know that many banks and fund launched financial products seven years yield, ten year yield and the balance of treasure now about how much profit, because they are based from the IMF, the treasury investment benefit. So Alipay chose the balance of treasure in this form, more is to expand the new pay people, enhance their own advantages in the field of payment by finance in this way.

but for Alipay, this is obviously the achievements of his gander, because more and more speculators, and even spend millions of dollars through the balance of treasure investment, even some investors can invest trust funds have also chosen the balance of treasure, this really surprised many in the industry, but attracts their attention obviously there is only one reason, it is flexible and convenient procedures, excellent level of service in Alipay created a balance of treasure today, rather than how the balance of treasure attraction, because from the annualized rate of return, at least some trust, than any investment bank financial products, but the balance of treasure can get success in financial services, only this one reason.

is the key to change the traditional financial industry

Why is

in the domestic financial industry has been operating for many years in the growth of the balance of treasure will feel fear? This situation let us see a child growing up in the greenhouse can not adapt to the society and be eliminated, more let us see a wild animal in human captivity, reintroduced into the forest after the the road of death. If and when we finally opened the prelude of financial reform, the greenhouse environment suffered little damage, grew up in a greenhouse in the traditional financial circle will feel fear, this fear comes from the fear of competitors, but from the volume and policy support to.

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