Electricity supplier 618 riding World Cup red in lieu of cash price war weakened

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Beijing, June, 18 (IT channel Zhang Sinan) is the birthday of Jingdong in June 18th, the annual electricity supplier war officially kicked off 618. Unlike in the past, Jingdong 618 promotional Festival this year coincides with the world cup in Brazil. With the help of football in the East, the electricity supplier who carry out marketing to increase the wildly beating gongs and drums, 618 Jingdong Monday, trying to create a world cup. Experts said that the occasion of the world cup like a raging fire, while electricity supplier to traditional marketing methods, the price war, but the trend has weakened. Suning, Tmall or become the main sniper Jingdong, consumers should be rational treatment of frequent promotions electricity supplier. In addition, the experts also called for the establishment of public interest in the third party monitoring platform, the exposure of online shopping and then cut the price and other unreasonable phenomenon and the integrity of the shop, to help consumers harmonious shopping.

618: Jingdong’s birthday hall electricity supplier World Cup

Jingdong in June of each year is the anniversary month, had been "play" with the Jingdong, to expand its influence, more and more business with to participate in the June sales war, a Jingdong’s birthday hall into the main battlefield of power pack melee. This year coincides with the world cup, Gome, Suning and other electricity providers who not only borrow Dongfeng football snatch user, the promotion will become the Jingdong anniversary month electricity supplier in the world cup.

it is understood that this anniversary, the Jingdong launched the "618 shopping big lie full cash back activities. In order to meet once every four years the World Cup football feast, the Jingdong has launched the ball will be, football quiz activities. In addition to the direct introduction of Suning and international football club Barcelona youth football support programs, but also from the beginning of June 16th, open the world cup into service mode. In the knockout stages of the world cup, suning.com launched in parts of the city at night to send food and beverage service, the user can stay up to watch the ball will be able to enjoy the necessary and timely food.


Tmall launched the world wave swept yard activities, 30 linkage million online and offline businesses, but also allows users to enjoy during the world cup, drink shopping service. Shop No. 1 hit in its official on mobile phone digital home appliances to ensure 50 lower than the Jingdong’s slogan, the United States proposed online watch a East, naked price straight down in the end, the electricity supplier fiery melee.

The director of the

Chinese Association of e-commerce network marketing center single Jen accept Beijing IT channel interview, said: "Taobao Tmall platform compared to the larger amount of Jingdong, plus the United States tourism products on the platform, to attract a lot of attention. Although the United States to invest 3 billion 200 million against Jingdong, but still less than a threat to it." China Mobile Internet industry alliance Secretary General Li Yi also said: from the volume is concerned, Taobao Tmall Suning will become the main force sniper Jingdong. And Suning cooperation with the team, the opening of the team’s fans interactive channel, as well as providing night delivery services can become an advantage against Jingdong."

electricity supplier price war trend weakened user experience

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