Tencent thigh Jingdong held in WeChat turnover grew 8 times

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NetEase science and technology news June 5th news, after holding Tencent thigh, Jingdong in the mobile terminal shows the advantages of backwardness. Jingdong in the mobile client, WeChat and mobile phone QQ three mobile portal at the same time force, hoping to promote the use of the 618 time node in the mobile providers to achieve a breakthrough.

by the end of June 4th, WeChat shopping level entrance single day turnover compared to the previous my bank card under the two level entrance over 8 times; the Jingdong mobile client user activates the cumulative number compared with the same period last year increased by 4 times.

since June 3rd officially launched the Jingdong grab red activities, in the morning of June 4th, through the WeChat, mobile phone QQ and Jingdong mobile client payment amount exceeded 200 million.

Analysis of

industry stakeholders, Jingdong in the mobile client, WeChat mobile phone and QQ three mobile entrance at the same force, while Jingdong red with WeChat and mobile phone QQ platform for social communication ability, can obtain a lot of new users, also hope to break the existing pattern of mobile providers now. (Wang Yisu)

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