Glory 2 anniversary of the glory of the user end of the year award fiery distribution

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12-13 December, 2015 glory anniversary scheduled in Shenzhen City Sports Center held a grand. Google, Chevrolet, BroadLink, covering the Internet, automotive, FMCG, online games and other 20 global partners in many fields for their support, Wang Han, Hua Chenyu, Li Yuchun and other stars and miserable faith band groups to join the effort. Glory hand in hand with the stars to distribute the glory of the user end of the year award for the public to offer a "entertainment" and "thanksgiving" anniversary event.

During the period of

in the glory of the anniversary, the glory of the brand will be two aspects of business platform and line on the glory of the anniversary celebration, bring fifth wave "glory user year-end bonus for users, the user feedback into practice.


glorious anniversary of hand in hand gifts

Qing scene in glory glory anniversary, partner of Chevrolet, Google, BroadLink for consumers such as robotics, intelligent technology, single product Android figure DIY, virtual game products and experience the full sense of science and technology, very interesting, the glory of the brand to join the global partners in the field distribution of the glory of the user year-end bonus gift, consumer feedback.

"glory future city" is a science fiction city of innovation. In the glorious anniversary celebration, "glory future city" is an important scene to showcase their innovative idea of glory. Glory in the future of the city, the glory of hand in hand also adhering to the concept of innovation, the world’s more than and 20 partners for the public to bring a visual and visual impact.

The glory of

partners exhibition area "glory" interpretation of the "city of the future of science and technology, taste" theme, into the glory of the city of the future, people can use the signature of XY laser machine, leaving the identity, in the glory of planet passport at the same time, you can also use the somatosensory piano across the empty planet sent greetings, experience the future of.

glory Carnival Festival star studded competing Yan

The 2 anniversary of the

glory is also a glorious Carnival of pollen. As one of the glory of the end of the year award for the fifth wave of benefits, the glory of the brand free of charge to the user GO glory planet carnival celebrations and the glory of the national finals of the total number of about 10 thousand.

GO! Glory Star Carnival Festival is an important component of the 2015 glory anniversary, Hunan TV host Wang Han gold hosted surgeon idol Li Yuchun, Hua Chenyu, strength, white and Wang Xiaotian Gang held DEDECATES perform, glory brand "of youth, vitality, dare to express themselves" brand advocates dripping deduction.


glory anniversary stars gathered


anniversary of the scene, the glory of the user year-end bonus for the audience to offer gifts, gifts of pollen partners worth more than 5 million yuan, Li Yuchun, Wang Han, Hua Chenyu and other star of the scene and gifts, and glory fans intimate interaction, the stage atmosphere.

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