Jingdong fake dilemma difficult to supervise third party products

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The so-called

Tall trees catch much wind, the moment since listing the scenery without the two Jingdong mall recently suffered a fake storm, but trouble is founder of Jingdong focusing on the development of the third party merchants.

July 9th, Exxon Mobil (China) released a statement Jingdong selling fake oil, Jingdong responded that the product sold by third party merchants, related goods have been off the shelf, and further verify the situation.

fake hardest hit

July 9th, Mobil official statement said, Jingdong website to buy a bottle marked "Mobil" trademark of lubricants for counterfeit products. Jingdong reply: after an internal verification, this product by third party seller Beijing competing Lybrand trading company for sale, we have immediately the business related merchandise shelves, and has been associated with the third party merchants to verify the situation. If the confirmation of the foregoing statement is true, Jingdong will be punished severely in accordance with the relevant rules of the Jingdong merchant."

third party business has been a fake electricity supplier hardest hit, the current electricity supplier is mainly engaged in the verification of the qualification of the third party business, but can not sell these products to be verified one by one. Jingdong public relations director of the media, said: if you want to review each of the third party products, electronic business platform can not bear this responsibility."

Kang Jian said that Jingdong third party merchants in the access mechanism and punishment mechanism has strict rules. Settled in the business, Jingdong set up a special qualification audit staff to confirm the seller’s main business identity information and business qualifications are in line with the conditions settled.

in the "Jingdong JD.COM open platform sellers integral management rules", for the sale of counterfeit products, Jingdong requires every deduction of 100 points, and the right of repaying the illegal illegal sellers, and sellers pay 100 thousand yuan of liquidated damages or all deposit amount to Jingdong (whichever is higher.).

although Jingdong invested a lot in this regard, but it is difficult to control the third party business is still to ensure the authenticity of the Jingdong has brought a lot of trouble. At the beginning of the June Jingdong WeChat mall open to sell smuggled goods iPhone4S message to the newly listed Jingdong overshadowed by Jing Dongdi as the three party sales survey. Kang Jian explained: "the smuggled goods businesses for the original QQ iPhone4S event of the third party online shopping business, the third party QQ online shopping platform has been with the Jingdong in accordance with the relevant standards of Jingdong are fused by screening."

can make up for self loss

to expand the scale of sales, Jingdong gradually open third party platform since 2010. Jingdong reported that as of the end of 2013, Jingdong settled in the number of third party business operators of 2.35, turnover of $25 billion, as of March 2014, the development of 2.9. Jingdong group chief marketing officer Lanye said, is expected to 2016, half of the country third party platform business will account for the entire e-commerce business of Jingdong.

for listed Jingdong, open third >

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