Big Taobao want to isolate the mall Jingdong Dangdang Suning extended olive branch

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in the Jingdong, mall and said the collective shielding a scouring network, a scouring network not to and olive branch to Jingdong mall. Yesterday, a large domestic B2C company executives explained, has ranked second in the B2C industry Jingdong mall, the strongest competitive relationship with Taobao mall, so it is difficult to cooperate.

mall in Jingdong and other three B2C companies to shield a scouring network of the second (28), a scouring network certification micro-blog said, we are willing to cooperate with Dangdang, Suning cooperation talks". But for Jingdong mall, a scouring network certification micro-blog has said: Jingdong mall review we have stopped crawling, but a Amoy will continue to retain the information on the price of the mall Jingdong."

Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong mall and CEO

countered that Jingdong mall allows one to grab the Amoy price, which is concerned about a Amoy network grab product evaluation.

for Amoy network why discriminate three network operators, the B2C enterprise executives believe that, in the B2C industry, the Jingdong has strong competitive relationship with Taobao mall mall, Taobao mall and Amoy network is the same company. It thinks Liu Qiangdong’s concerns are correct. If the Amoy network grabbed core data of other companies, and then through the data analysis of consumer online shopping habits, commodity sales trends, make the appropriate changes, will make other operators difficult to survive. executive vice general manager Li Bin said, Amoy to talk about cooperation must gradually improve their own. Perfect refers to the products sold by the network to grab the authenticity, customer service and service level of security. He also said that the comparison sites can not for profit, otherwise it can hardly be fair parity sort search.