After walking 2200 acres of land, rookie network hard landing

by admin

a year ago, Ma walked 2200 acres of land in the village.

73 year old villager Wu Maoxi in the village sat smoking. He is the empty space in front of the red land, a tree stand alone in the distance, occasionally passing birds pierced the silence.

last summer, Wuhan Jiangxia Chrysostom Xuguang villages, the villagers gather together, come up with a "issued by < Chinese intelligent backbone network (Wuhan) project land requisition compensation scheme > notice", above the CPC Jiangxia Chrysostom Street Committee Office, office of the streets under the office of the cover two "red stamp".

Chrysostom is a city with 2300 years of history of the town, was once an important commercial port business dealings. Xuguang village distance Jinkou Street office only a few kilometers, most of the villagers Wu, to farm for a living. They are very strange to the so-called intelligent backbone, but many villagers have heard of the rich ma.

in the document issued a week before, Ma and their buddies (intime group, Fosun Group, Fuchun group and SF, one of three links courier company) funded rookie Network Technology Co. Ltd. "(hereinafter referred to as the" rookie network ") was established in Shenzhen.

rookie network goal is to allow all regions of China to achieve within 24 hours of delivery." In 8-10 years, plans to 300 billion yuan at the expense of the country to establish a daily average of 30 billion to support the retail network of intelligent logistics backbone network (hereinafter referred to as "CNS").

as a rookie network announced the first block down after the establishment of village Xuguang before hundreds of acres of crops soon uprooted, then repeatedly crushed flatteners. Even Wu Maoxi himself opened up in the vicinity of the old one acres of land in the small garden, were razed to the ground overnight. Some people came to their house measurement, Fangqianwuhou did not miss. Since then, their house is frozen, not allowed to build, restructure or decoration.

lost the villagers anxiously waiting for the arrival of the rookie and Jack Ma, I hope they can help themselves to solve the future livelihood.

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but the domestic business tycoon is another way. Among them, Jingdong, Suning and other representatives of the self built logistics, and in the storage and distribution of the two aspects of the field. As >