DC shopping tips ten small experience

by admin

first, should understand the IDC business among the people you know, how about the IDC.
fifth, check the address, if not, then flash.
sixth parameters, very attractive, IIS is very high, or unlimited, unlimited, unlimited CPU, support N subdirectory tied to the domain name. You know a server so many resources, everyone is not restricted all restrictions, the equivalent of a cake you grab, you don’t have to grab the biggest chunk of which is the most reasonable, everyone is a piece of.
eighth, if IDC’s reputation in the industry is not affected, and you feel better, it can try to buy a certain space. This requires their own eye.
ninth, the best prepared enough money to buy, do a website is not easy, but not easy to expand the site, when the site is bigger, the space can not be upgraded. That’s a big loss.
tenth, this is too important, you should use Baidu Search search, IDC’s name, for example: a IDC’s name is a small network, you can query: small network garbage, see the negative impact.

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