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[Reuters] billion state power sound Liu Qiangdong finally. The afternoon of June 4th, billion state power network exclusive access to Liu Qiangdong sent to all employees of the Jingdong’s internal mail, Liu Qiangdong said in the message, the past in the eyes of many outsiders "stupid" Jingdong, but it is these "stupid", became a Jingdong today and in the future wealth, Jingdong will continue to do.

Liu Qiang Tokyo East Mall founder and CEO

billion state power network discovery, because the electricity supplier gangster collective silence, making June the price war broke out, in addition to the war stage in micro-blog set off a storm, the follow-up was weak. As of now, Suning, Dangdang, Tmall, Yi Xun and other major platform class leaders who did not speak, but did not like last year in micro-blog set off the war of words.

in June 2012 and August two price war, Liu Qiangdong took the lead plays a high role from industry. In 2013 the first industry price war had just started on the occasion, Liu Qiangdong sent this message to the interior, and a review of the various "feat" completed in the past in the mail, and refer to every fighting in the front line of the brothers ", may mean that the Jingdong will continue to resorted Shazhao in the next price war.

following Liu Qiangdong internal message text, unabridged:

from the east of the letter

– written in the "6· 18" coming

dear Jingdong:

along with the footsteps of the summer of 2013, Jingdong ten year old birthday – "6·," "coming soon. This time of year is the Jingdong passion and create a miracle moment. On the occasion of the arrival of "6·, 18", on behalf of the management team, I would like to extend my deepest greetings to every Jingdong, especially every brother who is fighting on the front line. It is the greatest happiness and pride in my life that I can fight with you on the way to realize my dream.

2013 has passed half of the past, we have achieved a breakthrough in strategy, culture, brand, management, etc.. Strategy, we take "electronic commerce" as the basis to improve the Jingdong diversified development in the future, three new business direction, logistics platform, technology platform and Internet financial services and e-commerce will become common driving Jingdong continue to run forward "four carriages". In the aspect of culture, our view of the sort of mission, vision and values, the customer’s extension to "consumers, suppliers, sellers, established a" customer value for the new version of the first "as the core concept, and launched a full coverage of cultural landing. Under the guidance of the new business model and the new version of the company’s values, we also propose a new mission for the enterprise: "make life easy and happy."". At the same time we released a new LOGO and mascot, shaping the brand new image and Jingdong

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