Taobao small sellers how low cost to create high conversion

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"·" in the struggle with grandchildren; cloud, the skillful, avoid its spirit, its blow to the lazy, this rule also gas. At present, Taobao many sellers respond to changes in the market relatively passive, mostly Fight fire with water., it can help sellers to resist market risk, but not to maximize resources and energy. To what extent, small sellers can use the smallest cost to seize market opportunities, access to high conversion, high order?

next, let’s take a look at this shop. This shop is a very common and very common among many sellers, the main children’s dance clothes, age between 4-12. The shopkeeper shop opened the shop in 2008, although the store has the crown, but the overall look at the time is long. After all, during the day to go to work, only at night time.


this is the basic situation of the store, although the levels are good, but for 6 years, the growth of visible slow, store ratings are high, indicating the shop service quality is satisfactory, compared with the same industry also has obvious advantages in service. This is the advantages and characteristics of the shop.


but have characteristics, have the advantage, the flow is not ascending, what is good. The obvious drawback of this shop is that visitors are not enough. As a crown stores, every day visitors only less than 200, which is rarely, it also contains a train promotion flow, natural search traffic is bad, remove the promotion flow, other visitors every day only accounted for about 60-100.

in the natural flow to compete with big sellers, in the promotion of the shopkeeper is not big boss, do Taobao during the day, night, not easy to make money, so money drive, must spend money wisely.


analysis, we developed a strategy: to avoid its spirit, its blow to the lazy.

avoid its spirit: popular talk is to avoid a sharp edge of others. We do Taobao, a train what sharp edge? For example: this dress people bid up to 5 keywords, occupy the top, and good sales. This is the edge of others. If you firmly and others for the good, the situation is both bad situation you do not hurt him to death.

so in this case, we need to avoid its spirit, keep out of the side edge. Reduce unnecessary costs and waste of resources.

let’s look at the market situation of the term "children’s dance clothes":


"children’s dance clothes," the word market situation, although the show is relatively high, but the market price is relatively high, competitive. If you want to use this word to drain, we train a day 100 of the daily limit is certainly not enough to spend, with not a few traffic, anti

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