Double eleven Jingdong can not move on stage cross-border electricity supplier Ali pattern

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text / Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

although cross-border business is hard from pull out the 408 new pit of their feet, but the main battlefield in the double eleven electricity supplier, the industry seems to have become recruits are still unable to the quality of the challenger.

in recent years, double eleven this once from the network culture "singles day" has become the electricity supplier industry practitioners and consumers of the national carnival, from 2009 to now lonely dance, "double eleven" the MA (micro-blog) make Naomen the birth of artificial holiday has passed "the seven year itch".

this year and in previous years, the electricity supplier industry is extraordinarily quiet, the quiet behind it was interpreted as a more mature industry, reduce the slobber battle; but there are some malicious comments: electricity supplier abandoned capital, in addition to the two eldest brother, have died.

but in the double before eleven, between the industry appears to be one night once again became the darling of the media, investment, acquisition, promotion, special or even a year lost slobber battle, the electricity supplier in the night and even a few night seems to want to release the accumulation of a "shortage of flood years".

unexpected, last year’s double eleven silent cross-border electricity supplier has become a daring vanguard of the industry, with, honey bud as the representative of a number of cross-border electricity issued a greater voice, but compared to eleven and has been well versed in double play Ali Jingdong, cross-border electronic business platform also could not get competitive chips.

various forces have to force

from the beginning of this year, cross-border electricity supplier in the major electricity supplier Festival played a very important role, the double eleven, cross-border electricity providers will not let go of a good opportunity to promote.

in October 28th, has been in the Chinese market to show the image of a conservative Amazon suddenly announced its Prime membership services landing in china. The news triggered a strong feedback of cross-border electricity supplier industry, a platform for cross-border electricity supplier executives of Tencent said the Amazon will be members of the system introduced China, especially at this point of time, means that in the double eleven Amazon will force a.

Amazon said, Prime service China landing is the Amazon global and domestic first to provide cross-border orders throughout the year, unlimited free delivery service members, can be said to be the Amazon for China tailored to consumers. At present, users can purchase price of 188 yuan to buy the Amazon Prime membership services, a single order of over $200 to enjoy the free delivery of cross-border orders, unlimited annual.


action means that the American business tycoon, is Chinese looking for greater opportunities for more aggressive investment, Amazon’s global senior vice president Russell said: "the high direct China is one of Amazon’s global strategic focus market." And an electronic business platform executives on Tencent technology, said: in the eleven promotional activities, there is a financial support for Amazon’s U.S. headquarters there."

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