Alipay have been transferred out of 50 thousand yuan of hackers called vulnerability testing

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Information Times News (reporter Wei Bohang) in Sanyuanli to do a clothing business Mr. Yang, recently the bank account by Alipay rather baffling to turn away 50 thousand yuan. Then a "hacker" sent a message claiming for testing Alipay vulnerabilities, and asked Mr. Yang case. But Mr. Yang questioned Alipay set limit useless. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation.

money was transferred but no text messages to remind

Mr. Yang clothing business in Sanyuanli, near the end of the month, manufacturers continue to call urging payment, but Mr. Yang has to worry about money. Had a few days ago, he and Alipay bound agricultural bank account is inexplicable turn away 50 thousand yuan.

October 24th morning, Mr. Yang’s bank account with a mobile phone SMS accounted for, the account balance and display more than 1 yuan, which makes Mr. Yang be startled at. "Last night when the query is still 60 thousand yuan of money, how to less than 50 thousand

without any cause or reason?"

Mr. Yang busy to go to the bank to print detailed list, the reporter saw the bill, Mr. Yang’s account on October 24th at 2:48 in the morning, Alipay through the transfer of 50 thousand yuan, the transaction note marked "account transfer". The transfer records, Mr. Yang opened the account dynamic reminder has not received the mobile phone, he immediately alarm, and the freezing of alipay.

on the 27 day, Mr. Yang suddenly received a home in Guangzhou, the number of messages sent to you only one user in my Alipay vulnerability testing to your account; money is not what I want; if you withdraw all your money back to you I can." The other said, do not want to found out the vulnerabilities in alipay. And this number has been unable to dial.

customer service said there is a short message transaction code records

Mr. Yang online shopping is not frequent, he only opened the SMS verification service in alipay. "If I pass Alipay consumption, transfer, mobile phone can receive the verification code, enter the verification code can successfully transfer." The transfer of 50 thousand yuan, he said he did not receive any verification code.

reporter saw at Alipay official website, SMS verification function account, single consumption limit of 2000 yuan. Why is the upper limit of 2000 yuan, but it can be a one-time turn to go to the 50 thousand?.

yesterday at 12 am, Mr. Yang in front of reporters once again call the Alipay customer service center phone. Yang, the customer service said the background is still further verification, the need for 3~5 working days. For the question of why a single transfer of more than the highest level of doubt, customer service to respond to the amount of money involved in the issue of fast payment, ABC’s quick payment can reach 50 thousand of the amount. The other is on the phone, mobile phone payment transfer payment can reach 50 thousand." Why Mr. Yang’s phone did not receive the verification code, customer service, said after the inquiry has sent a short message transaction code records, and let Yang consulting communications operators, there is no input SMS transaction code can not be traded. >

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