The number of fans is everything Net red marketing you need to know these three things

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Abstract: compared to the number of fans, more attention should be paid to the performance of red marketing.


familiar with the network of red marketing people understand that accurate assessment of network marketing performance is not easy. Red net marketing in this industry people mixed depth, many nets have unknown red, can now homegrown, has a huge fan base red net can even make their own rules of the game. All this makes it difficult to evaluate marketing performance.


across this nonsense red network marketing although not easy, but the network marketing performance evaluation of red is not only possible, but also for the Red Net ready to further expand the marketing budget for advertisers is indispensable.

as long as the advertisers not only in the number of fans on the network red hero, and put more focus on the selection of appropriate reticulocyte marketing partners and accurately determine the audience, red net marketing activities could be built on the basis of performance.

1 develop marketing budget: performance first

is currently involved in the main network red marketing network red marketing network, network marketing agency and red red network marketing platform. The value of these institutions to provide a single system, basically around the size of the network of red fans.

, however, when carefully study the number of red fans online data, it is not difficult to find that when the size of the network to reach a certain degree of red fans, fans tend to tend to decline in participation.

for a simple example:

YouTube red net has 3 million fans, a tailored advertising cooperation and he takes roughly $35000. YouTube red Y only 500 thousand fans, red net Y channel content and fan characteristics and red net is very similar, but the same ad network and red Y cooperation is $5000. Although the number of fans of the red net network than the red Y much more, but in fact the promotion video browsing quantity difference.

the reason for this phenomenon is that users do not always pay for the promotion of video, fans participation is relatively small. This is the reason why the amount of video browsing is lower than the average amount of video on the channel. Sometimes in the promotion of the category of video, the average volume will decline even more than 70%.


these years, most advertisers always think that network is more valuable partner red. On the contrary, the net red Y even difficult to get the favor of small and medium advertisers. A network of red, red net Y channel advertising is much less, so that the net red Y fan participation than the high red net. Then from the point of view of advertising performance, net red Y is a more ideal partner.


2 select the right partner in the network red marketing


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