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free movie station, although a lot, but no matter what time, the movie station is easy to flow, I a friend of the new station, even in a month to open the highest day IP reached 20000IP. The movie website to promote the easiest to IP, so we should intensify efforts to promote. Welcome to my new tennis ball.

to promote the film website can be from the following aspects:

(1) landing search engine, not to say that the first Baidu, google. Of course, you should pay attention to optimize your website, find good keywords, half from a thousands of IP no problem, for example, recently made a new film in the leaves, you can go to Baidu search leaves, related search to find the search page below, then put this several of the most relevant search words as keywords to heat the door the movie page, and these related search words interspersed in the movie introduction. If you do a good job of this work, rest assured that a month later, Baidu to give you the flow of at least 4000.

(2) friendship connection. This is no matter what time should do, actually from friendship connection to IP is not much, mainly is to improve the PR, can be found in the search engine, of course it will connect the Many a little make a mickle.

(3) forum promotion. In almost every piece of paper I have stressed that the forum is the most direct and effective means of promotion, especially suitable for free movies such entertainment station promotion, but should pay attention to post when it is best not to use some too non-ferrous title to deceive you, the attitude to be sincere, I believe we will accept you.

(4) add to favorites. This is actually known at present I suggest that you go to, here is a little skill, you can write the title as "free movies such as" the words, and this technique actually speaks conflict above methods, but this is not a forum, no one will respond to the.

(5) Baidu blog. I believe we have a Baidu HI, you can publish the article, titled "free porn movies" attractive, content for the "free porn movies firmly cannot see see, will hurt the body, do not believe you can look at this website and we joke headlines attract people to come in, engage in well, one day to a 200IP no problem, I have tested this.

(6) on free navigation: the movie industry navigation should be one of the most promising, the target population is the most concentrated, so the effects are generally good, such as a good movie station after cadence entertainment Taogong navigation, one day at least can get 120IP.

(7) there are some ways, we will talk later.

In fact, the

website promotion method, it is said that, as we all know, the problem is often that is easier said than done, that is a problem of execution, the same hand.

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