A kind of unconventional website promotion method

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in the network for about seven or eight years, some of my friends are often asked how to promote your website. In general, there are many ways to promote the website. Is a railway station, take me some time ago to promote for a friend (http://s.21gz.com.cn), is the use of a non conventional method of promotion, although the promotion time is very short, but the overall effect is still possible. If you use the normal promotion method, to promote a website needs to spend a lot of money, and the effect is not very good. How to spend the least money to promote a website, this is the problem faced by many webmasters and eager to solve the problem is very worthy of study. I will put this unconventional approach to discuss with you, and I hope to inspire the webmaster, joint research. This approach is not my first thought, it is estimated that there are some webmaster is already in use. If you offend the interests of some people, please forgive me.

so-called unconventional, refers to the use of non normal promotion method, this method has a certain time limit. At the beginning of CNNIC in order to "promote" CN class domain name, the first year of 1 yuan registered domain name policy, which for the majority of webmaster, in some ways is advantageous. This approach is to use this promotional activities. The price is higher because the domain name renewals, every day there will be a large number of CN domain name fell out. These deleted domain names, not a lot of Pan high flow, included quantity, the PR value of large domain name, if this type of domain name registration after the turn we want to promote the website, will bring a lot of traffic and weight to our website. The more the domain name to turn, the greater the flow of traffic. Such a registered domain name, in May 31st only 1 yuan, some service providers also offer free registration service. Scheduled there at ename.cn of the domain name, you can query in recent days to delete CN domain name, which lists the PR value of the domain name and included. Because CNNIC may improve the CN domain of the first year of registration fees in June, at present, this method is only valid until May 31st. If you have financial resources, of course, will not be limited by time. I heard that 265.com had previously registered and acquired a large flow of domain names to gather traffic. In addition, if you want to apply this method to the international domain name to go, you can go to the kingnic.com query recently deleted international domain name.

There are many ways to promote the

website, the most important thing is how to find a suitable way to promote their own. This time, I hope you can make better promotion methods. Welcome to join us, my mailbox is [email protected]

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