Class stack network A round of financing 80 million to accelerate the employment rate of College Stu

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at present, the total market value of China’s education and training industry reached 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, a huge space, education and training is considered to be one of the most valuable investment projects. May 20th, the birth of the latest news in the field of information, education and training services platform class network announced that it has completed 80 million yuan A round of financing. Funds will be mainly used to increase the financial side of the risk control and business replication, and invest in SaaS technology research and development and market development, as well as enrollment services market expansion. Especially in promoting the employment of college students, will provide billions of training funds to help students obtain popular professional skills, enhance employment competitiveness.


guidance course + tuition stage = effectively improve the employment rate of college students

in the light of the situation of College Students’ employment in 2016, severe in May 6th, in the Ministry of human resources and employment work of the forum, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that must be placed in a prominent position to promote the employment of college graduates this year, "7 million 650 thousand people, a record high, with only two of graduates, the number of new jobs up to about 12000000." How to promote college graduates to achieve employment, become the focus of social concern.

It is reported that

, since its inception in April 2015, on the promotion of College Students’ employment competitiveness, class stack network design in many aspects of business model, core business, products, in the face of college graduates’ employment confusion, lack of workplace skills of the status quo, build "elective" platform to help students choose the popular occupation skill training courses, tuition class "products design stage stage" for students training tuition burden, and provide students with high subsidies, really assist college students to strengthen employment skills.


in August 2015, nearly 2000 students selected "class stage" training courses tuition loan services, loan amount exceeds 30 million; in August 2015 to the present, over 100 thousand students through the network stack class cooperation organization training courses concerned, in cooperation with the network stack class hundreds of organizations hosted more than 1000 games audition, involved more than 50 thousand students covering more than 300 the Beijing Tianjin Hebei University (IT class class employment accounted for over 60%), spot inspection guidance for students audition course; in March of the same year, network stack class service for students tuition stage (mainly for college students graduation), training fees amounting to billions of dollars have been provided; in the course of the "4.18 stack network in the near future a day" to benefit students in high occupation courses caused nearly 1 million students attention…… Up to now, the class stack network through the joint thousands of training institutions, to all kinds of enterprises across the country to transport up to thousands of potential development, practical ability of college graduates, especially IT type of high paying jobs.

investment value "Internet plus education + financial business model

it is understood that the solution to the current enrollment development of traditional training institutions is difficult, difficult to raise student tuition and other pain points based on class stack network to Internet plus education.

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