t is necessary to do some social psychology in advertising

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I have always believed that advertising itself is a social psychology, but there is no advertising in the University of the professional, the system of teaching psychology.

I went to look at a lot of laws, effects and theories of social psychology. Discovery and advertising are inextricably linked, but there is no advertising system summary.


? No one write? Then I write is expected to write a book.

this is a dry astringent dry cargo, later you will understand the truth:


1, advertising communication, those who have been trying to test the way, there is a psychological law behind the support.

2, planning to write after PPT, do not always use the Malos layer of the needs of the following, these theories can also be used to force the installation of five.

still ugly words in front, not sure I understand is right, or a "social psychology" corresponding "advertising marketing" is absolutely feasible, all things are relative and are applicable or not, each one according to his lights.

if you look at it, you make it. If you don’t look right, it means you’re thinking. No matter how you have the harvest, and I have no money.


why should the brand spokesperson

Piga Marley Weng effect (Pygmalion Effect)

this effect by the famous American psychologist Rosenthal and Jacobsen, in the teaching of primary school after the verification and put forward. Mean people will not consciously accept their love, admiration, trust and admiration and suggests, in simple terms is aiwujiwu.

, just a local had Marley Weng grand effect, it also includes the expected effect, suggesting that power, even the law of attraction. 28 the success of Carnegie in the "golden rule" in the book describes the advantages of humanity, the source can be said to have come from Marley Dion beeger.

this should be the reason why the brand likes to look for a celebrity spokesperson. Because you always think: I like the star, Ta recommendation should not be wrong (but perhaps Jay Chou simply do not ride the electric car Emma).

So don’t use the

platform to the boss, may worship him, but does not mean that customers love him, unless he is already belongs to the public network such as red, Ma Lei Liu Qiangdong.


why brand always pay special attention to new users

first effect (Primacy Effect)

The first effect of

was first proposed by American psychologist Lochins. They reflect the influence of the order of the main information in the interpersonal communication on the formation of the impression. The first effect is the person

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