Forum marketing four steps, let the post fly for a while

by admin

often visit the forum users know that some of the popular forum posts can be viewed in just a few minutes tens of thousands of times, and even more will be the formation of hot events, the spread of the storm for several days or even weeks. Therefore, the forum marketing on its low threshold low input and high returns in the strengths of the various marketing tools in a strong line, and favored by many webmasters. But the forum marketing advantage is great, such as not grasp its spread essence, is often out of force does not fall. Light will be delete, weight is off, even post success, such as cast stone sea, although a stir, but soon without hearing a word about. What is the essence of

marketing forum?

after a random point on some popular forum hot posts, in addition to hard pay posts, the remaining 90% are illustrated above topic posts, including a picture with text. I tried to compare all walks of Life Forum popular posts found that this rule exists, the following hand to help small series and we discuss how to create a popular forum marketing posts:

1, with rich content.

here you can simply say that the forum is different from the news, news, pay attention to the effectiveness of formal news sources. The forum posts is very effective, the click rate is always flawed forum marketing, this index does not go on, forum marketing is a mere scrap of paper. There is a click through rate, there is a conversion rate, so the forum marketing, the contents of the post is particularly critical. With the content is not only easier to attract the reader’s attention, but also more conducive to the spread of the so-called pictures, forum marketing can be more awesome.

2, the title by edge ball, clever evoke readers curiosity.

title is the first media between forum posts and readers in the title, forum marketing plays a key role is. From vulgar criterion, slightly with some of the more attractive title is highly desirable.

3, post content to be controversial.

What is the

forum, is a popular platform for information exchange, each user can speak freely here, of course is not illegal not to violate the moral situation. Therefore, post the contents of the most taboo white to write copious and fluent hydrology, like WuWeiPing, some people say that some people say sweet, salty, we express the each one sticks to his argument, so as to attract more people, posts to fire up.

4, advertising implants to clever.

forum marketing is different from other ways, the implantation of the ad is very particular about the implantation of shallow, it is easy to dig out lead to delete posts, implanted deep, advertising is too dilute the impact of marketing. I suggest that the forum posts to attract reading for the first meaning, at the end of a third side come out of advertising, try to use the humble language, people see is advertising, but generally do not complain about you. In addition, a watermark in the picture, through the forum signature and post advertising is good.

short, forum marketing is a deliberately, to make effective have to spend a lot of effort. "On

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