Online shopping bucked the trend of home economy caused by heat

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the word "home" is a new term, from the earliest Japanese noun "Indoorsman", then across the seas to Taiwan, has become a hot topic nowadays. "Indoorsman" from Japan’s "otaku" (Otaku). "Otaku" is the original meaning of Japanese "house", after the alleged to a collection or interest, fascinated by betting a lot of time and money in research and production, recently refers to keen animation comics and computer gamers. And to the domestic "Indoorsman" is used at home do not go out, spend most of their time in the network, the term has also been accepted by the mass media.

house is actually a kind of attitude towards life. The financial crisis in the "push", more and more people go out and spend less, spend more time at home, as a "Indoorsman", "Indoorswoman". Do not go out to know the latest fashion information, experience the latest products, most complete service, need not go out can also invite friends to share your shopping online, just get a baby and his friends…… All that you want can be found on the internet. Online shopping from the beginning of the pursuit of the young adults to the middle class, the crowd exaggerated directly spawned a new economic classification system: home economy".

The so-called

home economy, is to stay at home with the help of such as shopping, trading, and other economic activities to complete the work of consumer Internet and other media to send home, including catering, e-commerce, door-to-door service industries are home economy category. From clothes, shoes, telephone recharge, pay TV programs, games. This is a new economic model, compared with the traditional mode, its low cost, high efficiency advantages embodied out, thus becoming the new economic crisis.

experts believe that online games and online shopping become home economy in the two largest gold mine, and its driven industry is quietly force. There Indoorsman Indoorswoman, as well as the overall downturn in the economic environment, the birth of the home economy". Home economy to a large extent equivalent to e-commerce, 2009 should be a substantial growth in the home economy year, but also the most favorable development of e-commerce year.

it is understood that last year, online shopping explosive growth. The domestic agency iResearch released the "2008 annual online shopping market development report" shows that in 2008 the annual turnover of online shopping market Chinese first exceeded 100 billion yuan mark, reached 120 billion yuan, an increase of 128.5%. Under the financial crisis, online shopping with its cheap, rich and convenient features, become more and more young people home at home when the winter way.

"home economy led to the rapid rise of a number of online shopping platform, shopping platform from the past simple shopping times into more full update service concept era, a typical representative of a price comparison function, pay attention to customer service service, to build a transparent trading platform for network operators and consumer price comparison network ( Almost all of the "home life" related industries are booming, which shows that even if you holiday

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